Mystery Destination – November/December 2021

Mystery Destination – November/December 2021

Thanks for stopping by! This destination is a place I have been wanting to visit since 2007!!! Quick math, 14 YEARS!!! Good things come to those who wait right? I am certain that this area of the world will shoot to my top 3 places visited, I just know it!

I will not be sharing the location of this trip openly because I want serious inquiries ONLY and this trip is geared towards a VERY specific type of traveler, so I am going to be very picky about who comes with us. I have ONE spot left and am waiting for the PERFECT person to fill it. Could it be YOU? 💚

If you like . . .

  • Nature. Lots of it!
  • Adventure
  • WAY off the beaten path destinations
  • Wildlife
  • Raw experiences
  • Truly unique destinations
  • Fairytale like landscapes
  • Seclusion
  • Untouched, wild environments
  • Life changing experiences – for you AND the world
  • Conservation tourism
  • Spontaneity (aka the unpredictable)

Then this trip is for you!

If the above type of adventure is right up your alley and intrigues, you are available to travel end of November into early December 2021 (postponed from Nov. 2020 due to Covid) for approximately 5-6 days(excluding travel days), and you have a sizable travel budget(the most remote & special places are always the most expensive), please fill out the form below.

I would love to chat more and send you more information!

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If you are a fit for this trip based on the answers to this questionarre, I will send you the password and post link which has all the information on this adventure. Be sure to include your IG handle and email in question number 4.


PS – We will be staying in more than decent accommodations for the majority of the trip and glamping during only one leg. We won’t be totally exposed to the elements and roughing it too, too bad. 😉

3 thoughts on “Mystery Destination – November/December 2021”

  • This is my guess, but I have a feeling it’s more than wrong. I’m thinking either Greenland or somewhere in Antarctica. Lol I’m laughing so hard now that I’ve actually typed out my guess but it’s extreme but so beautiful and I can’t imagine that it’s super developed. I was thinking National Geographic and how they always travel there and it’s so beautiful but so off the beaten path lol!

  • I was just browsing your website, like Ive found myself doing lately when my mind wanders to the topic of world travel, and couldn’t help but get sucked into your description and survey that I didn’t even realize this post was almost a year old lol

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