Fairytale winter wonderland adventure: End of December 2024 – beginning of January 2025 (2 spaces left)

Fairytale winter wonderland adventure: End of December 2024 – beginning of January 2025 (2 spaces left)

December 28th 2024 – January 3rd 2025 (6 nights/7 days)


The Outdoor Lover
The Dark History Lover
The Adventurous Eater
The Open Minded
The Culture Enthusiast
The Wanderlust Warrior
The Adventure Seeker
The Fairytale Lover


*Location: Secret until booked
*Capital city: Secret until booked
*Population of this countries capital: 3,571,000 as of 2022
*Weather in December: Average high of 39°F & average low of 27°F
*Official language spoken: I can not tell you without giving away the destination. You will find out if you sign up.
*Currency used: Secret until booked
*COVID-19 requirements as of October 11th 2022: Covid Vaccine not required BUT travelers who have been in an RKI-designated virus-variant area  in the last 10 days must present a negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours, regardless of vaccination or recovery status. A rapid antigen test is not accepted in this case. Travelers from all other areas are NOT required to show a negative COVID-19 test for entry.

OK, this continent is on A LOT of peoples bucket list, so I wanted to include a country from this continent in my 2024 lineup! I honestly can’t tell you too much about what I have lined up here because it will literally give away the destination instantly. I WILL share some photos but I will try to be as vague as possible, I will also share that I definitely do have a variety of bucket-list worthy, quirkily unique and emotionally stirring tours lined up for us on our planned days. Of course, I never forgot to allow room for you to have free time to fill a couple of days with activities and tours of YOUR choosing. Always know that if spending time alone in a new country feels overwhelming to you, you are ALWAYS welcome to join me in doing WHATEVER I choose to do with my free days. You do NOT have to be on your own. 🙂

The Tour Lineup

Unlike my other 2024 trips, I will not be sharing exact tours here. What I WILL say though, is that one day includes a visit to one of the most famous castles IN THE WORLD!

As mentioned above, we will also have some FREE TIME available to fill our free days with as little or as much as we choose.

Now, I present you with a limited photo-journey of our destination . . .

I tried really hard to not to use photos that too obviously gave away the destination BUT it’s pretty impossible with this destination. Hence the limited amount of photos, I didn’t want to give it away


  • Double (2 people per room, in own beds) occupancy accommodations in 2 places, for a total of 6 nights
  • All breakfasts at the hotel
  • Tour on day 2
  • Tour on day 4
  • Tour on day 6
  • Gym & Sauna access at the hotel
  • Travel planning assistance (purchasing all airfares, advice on how to get a passport, covid questions, etc.)
  • Wifi at the hotel
  • Pool & beach access at the second hotel
  • Beautiful, candid photos captured and edited by a professional photographer (me)

Not Included:

  • Travel Insurance (required)
  • International airfare
  • Vaccines (if applicable)
  • Extra Tours on Free Days
  • Lunches & Dinners
  • Ground Transportation (taxis, transfers, etc.)
  • Tips/Gratuities

Ok, the investment. I am doing this trip differently than the rest. I usually have a set price and a set number of people I work out for each trip but this one will work differently. The price will change depending on if 4 people sign up, or 6 people sign up. I will share and outline the 6 person group size pricing in detail but if I don’t get 6 people to sign up, then the 4 person pricing will be the accurate price-point. Basically, base your decision to join us on this trip on the 4 person price but know that there is a strong possibility that the 6 person price will be the final outcome, if 6 people sign up for this trip. My past trips have filled up and even ended up with waitlists, so I am hopeful we will get the 6 person pricing.

$3172/Per Person Based on Double Occupancy

Non-Refundable Deposit
Payment 1 due on or by March 1st 2023
Payment 2 due on or by June 1st 2023
Payment 3 due on or by September 1st 2023
Payment 4 due on or by December 1st 2023
Payment 5 due on or by March 1st 2024
Payment 6 due on or by June 1st 2024
Payment 7 due on or by September 1st 2024

Reminder that there are ONLY 6 spaces available

Apply For Your Spot —-> HERE


  • Travel insurance is MANDATORY and required to be purchased within 72 hours of signing up. Please email me proof of purchase. Please remember that you are required to carry covid specific insurance for this trip. Make sure you see it as a coverage when purchasing your travel insurance.
  • I will NOT be sharing hotel, tour company, etc. information. If you would like that type of information, I would like to suggest you opt for my travel planning services for a private trip instead. 🙂 Sending out that type of information to everyone creates more work for me AND also takes away from the element of surprise that you get ONLY when you arrive at a new place WITHOUT having already googled it to death.
  • Bookings are NOT CONFIRMED until deposit has been paid AND Experience Waiver has been signed and returned.
  • You are 100% responsible to keep track of your payment amounts AND due dates. For those who opt for credit card payments, invoices will be sent to you ONE WEEK before the due date. It is up to you to pay it on time to avoid the late fee. Late payments will accrue a $50 late fee PER PAYMENT. Those paying with Zelle will not receive and invoice, if you pay AFTER the due date, please include your late fee when submitting payment.
  • I will let you know when we have reached our 4 person minimum and this trip is an official GO, so you can purchase your international plane tickets. Feel free to ask me if you need help booking your flights, I am happy to help.
  • More details will go out about 1 month prior to departure to all registered guests. We will also have a group zoom call to answer any questions you may have.
  • This trip can ONLY accommodate 6 guests MAX (excluding myself) – No exceptions. Once those 6 spots are gone, registration will close and the waitlist will open up.
  • Registration closes January 10th 2023 or whenever the 6 available spaces fill.
  • If you sign up after we have already gotten into the payment schedule, then you will need to pay your deposit, plus catch up on back payments as well. Feel free to ask if you need a little flexibility, I will accommodate you if possible.
  • If you would like to know the approximate cost of international airfare from your airport, please email me and I will send over an estimated cost BASED ON THE PRICE THAT DAY.
  • I will do my best to room you with someone, If I am unable to, you will need to pay the single occupancy rate.

DISCLOSURE: This itinerary is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as unpredictable weather, global pandemics, tour company/hotel issues or errors or any other factors outside of my control. I always strive for the best possible experience and will substitute anything that must be changed with something equally or even more awesome!