A 10 year old on a mission

A 10 year old on a mission

If you are new to my blog, allow me to introduce you to my daughter Jolee. She is my pride and joy.

When she was 5 years old, she learned what the word endangered meant. She realized that one of her favorite animal was critically endangered and was moved by this realization. She HAD to help!!! In her 5 years on this planet she had heard me talk about different species being critically endanger or having gone extinct all together but I think this was the moment when it really clicked in her mind, she understood what that word meant and she asked me to help her raise money to donate to “saving sea turtles”.

We created an online campaign selling t-shirts and she raised about $300, which she split between 2 organizations.

Below is the video she attached to her original seat turtle campaign.

Sooo cute right/!?!?! How cold you not buy a shirt!?!??

This year, she has asked me to help her launch another campaign to help Amur leopards. Of course, I was more than happy to help her launch this campaign to help these critically endangered big cats. She chose to donate 100% of the proceeds to WWF(World Wildlife Fund) at the end of this campaign.

She designed almost every aspect of this shirt, the styles, the colors, the font, the art, almost everything.

A little about Amur Leopards . . . they are known as one of the RAREST cats on earth and are native to southeast Russia and northern China where only an estimated 82 are estimated to exist in the wild!

This leopard species is rapidly approaching extinction due to deforestation, poaching and development projects. A single amur skin/fur/pelt goes for as much as $1000 on the black market and agricultural deforestation burns approximately 20% of these animals habitat every single year! World Wildlife Fund is working on establishing anti-poaching teams in the region and they need our help!

Would you consider donating to this cause? If you are unable to purchase a shirt or donate funds yourself, will you share this campaign with your friends and family in the event that they might be able to help?

Check out her campaign —> HERE