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Yosemite Wellness Retreat

Yosemite Wellness Retreat

Hello! If you are here, I am assuming you are looking for something a little more than your current life is offering. Maybe it’s more vitality? Maybe it’s a health kickstart? A deeper sense of self? Clarity? Inspiration? Maybe its just some time to unplug and recharge? Well . . . do I have a treat for you!

I have been hosting annual retreats in Yosemite(and surrounding area) since 2014 with only one prior to this being an overnighter(1 night/2 day reatreat), but this time, I am adding one extra night because I have SO MUCH in store for you!

* Social media detox – Yes, we will all be logging out of social media for the duration of each day. Preferably leaving our phones in the room but I understand if you want to keep it close for emergencies’. Just keep it out of sight please. It is hard to practice true mindfulness when our faces are in a device. A recent study shows that American adults spend more than 11 hours per day(on average) consuming media, which leads to technostress(we will talk more about this at the retreat). Whether in the form of television, social media, online games, internet browsing, etc. I am guilty of this type of gluttony myself, I work from a computer/phone most days, so I find myself nose deep in a screen often. So please don’t think I am judging!
* Shinrin-Yoku (aka Forest bathing) – If you know me, I am sure you have heard me talk about forest bathing. Well this is an opportunity to learn about the ancient Japanese practice that is scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, lower stress, lower blood sugar levels, improve energy, lift depression, increase anti-cancer protein production, help you lose weight & MORE! Did you know the average American spends 93% of their time indoors(including time in cars). This has GOT to change! Join me for an intro to forest bathing and applying what we have learned, included as part of this retreat.
* Yoga – You know I can’t host a wellness retreat without leading yoga practice. We will be practicing on the 10th & the 11th. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.
* Meditation – Daily(10th & 11th) meditation either pre or post yoga practice(or both). Not familiar with meditation? Don’t worry, it is ALL guided meditation practice.
* Journaling – Please bring your own journal. We will be using it daily.
* Restorative hair & scalp warm oil treatment – This is not the essential oil massage you get post yoga at my yoga classes. This is its very own treatment performed by an actual massage therapist. Your locks will be drenched in warm coconut oil infused with essential oils to nourish your hair and scalp while you receive a long and relaxing head and neck massage.
* Professional digital images capturing our retreat – Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to leave your devices put away without making sure there is another way for you to have beautiful photos to take away as memories of this beautiful, immersive experience. I have scheduled for a professional photographer to join us on this journey to capture images of our time together.
* Use of amenities – Hot tub, cedar hot rocks sauna, cold rain shower(Wim Hof would be proud!) – Available to use on the first and second day of the retreat, NOT on the day we check out.
* Accommodations (double or triple occupancy) – Rooms will fill on a first reserve basis, if you want a double, you will likely need to be one of the first to sign up. If you have a specific roommate in mind, please let me know at the time of registration. Space is very limited, as the retreat center is not very big and is also still open to the public during our stay. So we don’t have our rooms guaranteed until we book them.
* Connection – Connecting with yourself, with your retreat mates and connecting with nature. Did you know that just 20 minutes in nature can significantly reduce stress hormone(cortisol) levels? Imagine a whole weekend of it?!?!?
* Take home Essential Oil Roller Blend – Please specify if you would like a relaxing blend or energizing blend at time of registration.

Yoga and meditation practice for your mind, body & soul.
PS – The Yoga Shala has INCREDIBLE forest views and scents right from your mat!
Read below to learn about the 2 essential oil perks on this retreat!
Into to Shinrin-Yoku(Forest Bathing) AND put what you learn into practice!
Pictured here is my daughter at my last overnight Yosemite Retreat.
Who’s ready for some SERIOUS quality YOU time?
Can I just tell you that these are some of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in?
Pictured here is one of the cozy and rustic triple cabins.
Many room have decks sweet overlooking the forest and river.
This photo was taken during my last overnight retreat during the rainy season.

Not Included:
* Meals & drinks
* Gratuities
* Transportation to/from the retreat center/resort. However, if possible, I do encourage carpooling to all of you who are traveling from the same area. You can share the cost of gas AND show mama earth a little love.
* Additional spa services
* Souvenirs and gifts

Saturday November 9th – Monday November 11th 2019
Veterans Day Weekend

Midpines, CA. Just 27 miles downstream from Yosemite National Park in Mariposa County and 48 miles from Merced, CA. Please note, we will NOT be visiting the national park this time. If you would like to visit Yosemite, I suggest heading over on Saturday morning for the day prior to check in at the retreat center/resort for the retreat. The resort itself is located under a grove of oak and pine trees with its own stream and beautiful natural environment. I want to actually take time to relax there and utilize the beauty found right where we are, rather than take time away from the goal and purpose of this retreat and spend it driving.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $582/Per person for double occupancy and $537 for triple occupancy ($270 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot) PLUS early birds will also receive a voucher for a complimentary 2 night/3 day getaway to one of 24 locations in the USA, Mexico or Hawaii!
Price AFTER August 9th 2019 $621/ Per person based on double occupancy and $576 for triple occupancy ($289.50 non refundable deposit to reserve your spot).

You deserve this!!! 💛

Please remember to include your oil blend choice and any roommate preferences in the purchase notes at time of purchase or via email to me at hilda@worldworthwandering.com. *See notes below regarding email.

* If you are a solo traveler, I will room you with someone.
* I am happy to car pool with anyone leaving Merced when I am, I will have room for 2 extra people in my vehicle. Reach out to me to inquire. hilda@worldoworthwandering.com.
* Please note that sometimes emails do not get through to me at the email above, so if I have not replied within 2 days, that means I did not receive your email and you can try me via DM on Instagram @worldworthwandering instead.
* $45 OFF for people sharing triple occupancy. $45 will be removed from your second payment which is due NO LATER THAN November 1st 2019.

DISCLOSURE: This itinerary is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as unpredictable weather, therapist/resort issues or errors or any other factors outside of my control. I always strive for the best possible experience and will substitute anything that must be changed with something equally or even more awesome!

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