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2021 Group Experience Destinations

2021 Group Experience Destinations

I don’t think people realize how much time I invest in deciding my group experience destinations. I don’t just pick the top trending location and take a bunch of people there(though I have done this before once and realized I didn’t like it). Rather, I select places that have captured my attention and heart since I was a child and remember the emotions those images in my head created and use that to fuel my creativity when I put together itineraries that cultivate an experience and opportunities of a lifetime.
I will be announcing one location per week here and the details to sign up will each have their own post starting around December 2019 and into January/February 2020.
Here they are, in no particular order . . .

Madagascar 🇲🇬 – July 2021

Room with multiple views! Nature, adventure, relaxation, delicious food = Heaven on earth.

Mongolia 🇲🇳 – September 2021

Nomadic life like you’ve never experienced it. Discover the true ends of the earth! Desert, waterfalls, culture, animals!

Japan 🇯🇵 – February 2021

Snow monkeys, onsen, Japanese food,
Shinrin-Yoku, snow mobil-ing and more!

? – Stay tuned!

? – Stay tuned!

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