11 Things to do During a Lockdown

11 Things to do During a Lockdown

Plant a Garden!

You can head outside or stay inside for this option. I prefer to grow most of my garden outside, especially during a time when we are being told to stay home. If you are not wanting to head out to Lowes or your local nursery is closed, you can always order all of your plants and gardening supplies online. Here are a few indoor garden growing options and plants(with accessories) I found on Amazon that will surely keep you busy and productive! To grow a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

Costa Farms Money Tree, Pachira, Medium, Ships in Premium Ceramic Planter, 16-Inches Tall

Costa Farms Clean Air-O2 For You Live House Plant Collection 4-Pack, Assorted Foliage, 4-Inch, Green

MoonLa 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks, Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planters Set Hanging Plant Holder Stand Flower Pots Boho Home Decor(Cotton Rope, 4 Legs, 5 Sizes)

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit – Certified 100% USDA Organic Non GMO – Potting Soil, Peat Pots, 5 Herb Seed Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Sage, Thyme – DIY Kitchen Grow Kit for Growing Herb Seeds Indoors

Indoor Garden Pepper Seed Starter Kit – 4 USDA Organic Hot Peppers Seeds for Planting, Pots, Planter Box, Scissor, Plant Markers – DIY Grow Your Own Vegetable Herb Growing Kits, Vegan Gardening Gifts


This is a great time to catch up on your reading! I will share a few of the books I have read and would recommend or am reading.

Adventures of a Young Naturalist: The Zoo Quest Expeditions

Journeys To The Other Side Of The World

Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery

Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living

Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life

The Tree: A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live, and Why They Matter

The Devil’s Highway: A True Story

White Hunters

To Shake the Sleeping Self: A Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and a Quest for a Life with No Regret

Man’s Search for Meaning

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection

You always have to option to listen on Audible too!

Zoom Parties & Play Dates

This is easy and FREE! Create a zoom account and talk to your friends and family face to face without having to leave home! My daughter has been having playdates like this and she is really enjoying it. She is so cute, “taking” her friends in our backyard, in her bedroom and showing them our dogs. 🙂

Plan a FUTURE Trip

This will not only keep you busy, it will also give you something to look forward to! Who doesn’t need hope in a time like this?!!?!?

You can always browse my group trips too! Email me for the password if a particular trip grabs your attention. ? hilda@worldworthwandering.com


If you have ever wanted to learn a new skill, this is great time as any to hone in on that skill you have been longing to cultivate. When else will you have THIS much time? If you have ever wanted to develop your photoshop skills, video editing skills or even learn to draw or paint, this is your time to shine!

I have signed up with “The Great Courses“. You can learn about just about anything with university level instruction! They are giving away 1 month free memberships right now too! Astrophysics, cognitive behavioral therapy, drawing, photography, you name it! It’s there!

You can also sign up for an online course, like a yoga teacher training! Yoga Fit is offering MANY of their courses virtually via Zoom right now too so you don’t have to worry about paying for travel expenses! Their awesome teaching model also lets you go at your own pace to get your 200 hr as your time and wallet allow. Use the referral code “nhnp0j” for $50 OFF and discount code “Virtual15” for an additional 15% off! What a deal!!! The discount code will be entered on a different page than the referral code, be sure you are clear on those codes and where they go.

Explore the world!

You heard me right. Did you know you can explore the world without having to leave your home! The two apps I really enjoy are Explore.org and Rainforest Connection.

Explore is a multimedia organization with the largest library of live streams in the world! You can literally go on safari in Africa, watch the northern lights in Canada, watch an eagle egg hatch in Alaska, go scuba diving In Channel Islands National Park, and more, ALL from your living room! It is AMAZING!

Rainforest Connection is similar in that you can live stream audio from different rainforests, forest, jungles & savannah’s around the world, except what makes this even cooler is that they partner WITH you to try to catch illegal loggers in the act! You can listen to the peaceful sounds of nature to relax, transport and calm you, free of charge AND if you EVER hear a chainsaw, truck or a car contact them to send out their teams in that area to stop the illegal activity in its tracks! How neat is that!?!?!?!

Do LIVE yoga from home!

Many yoga studios are unfortunately having to close their doors(including mine) at this time and are now offering online Zoom classes(including mine)! This is the PERFECT opportunity for you to try yoga if you’ve been curious or to deepen your practice if you are an experienced yogin, all from the comport of your home! Your support can help a business keep their doors open once this is all over WHILE practicing some self care at the same time! It’s a win/win situation really.

Binge watch a show or movie you have been wanting to watch

Who doesn’t wish they had more time to watch a show everyone has been talking about or a movie that has been on their radar? Well, the time is now! You will probably never have this much free time at home again. Start that show or watch that movie today!

I will share a few(NOT ALL) of my favorites!


The Secret life of Water Mitty(may be child appropriate, depending on age
Virunga(may be child appropriate, depending on age)
Inglorious Bastards
Eat Pray Love
Into the Wild(may be child appropriate, depending on age)
Bird Box
A Quiet Place
Lord of the Rings movies(may be child appropriate, depending on age)
American History X
Blood Diamond
The Greatest Showman(may be child appropriate, depending on age)
Silence of the Lambs
The 11th Hour
Legends of the Fall
The Conjuring
Fight Club
Paranormal Activity
The Last Shaman
Heal(may be child appropriate, depending on age)



Nacho Libre
Jumanji (The one with the rock, Chris Hart & Jack Black)
Elf (who caressive it’s not Christmas)
Rio 1 & 2
Aladdin (with Will Smith)
Jurassic Park Series: 1 – 5 – (may be child appropriate, depending on age)
The Sound of Music


The Walking Dead
The Good Place
Game of Thrones
The Goop Lab
Story of God
The Last Kingdom
Expedition Unknown
Stranger Things
Law & Order SVU
Chernobyl (HBO)
The Outsider (HBO)
Naked & Afraid
I Survived
Extreme Rescues

Handmaidens Tale

Learn to Cook or Bake

It’s time to pull out the recipe book or the cooking tutorial online!

I have always wanted to learn how to bake bread, so I am personally using this time at home to play around with different bread recipes AND work on adding to my smoothie/smoothie bowl recipe book!

Binge listen to Podcasts

I usually listen to podcasts while I am driving, cooking, polishing my nails or before bed. You would be surprised how much fun it is to listen to a good podcast while you re doing something else!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Crime Junkie
Broken Brain
The Doctor’s Farmacy (yes, it’s a play on words)
Outside Podcast
Backpacker Out Alive
Up & Vanished
Dr. Death

Go on a Tour using AirBnb

Airbnb JUST announced their virtual tours this morning and I am sooo excited! Not only can we take tango lessons in Argentina, meditate with a monk in Japan, make pasta in Italy or a take a baking class in San Francisco. We can also do things we may have never done before for other reason, like go on an animal encounter in Chernobyl!!! I would LOVE to do this tour but due to my extreme fear of radiation exposure I would NEVER do this in real life. Now, I can!!! I am signing up for this one And 4 other tours! Let me know if you’d like to join me!

If you sign up for Airbnb with my link, you will get up to $55 off.

Click HERE for more info or to sign up.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ideas! I hope you give a few of them a shot! Please also feel free to share this post with your friends! I would greatly appreciate it.