Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra 3 part series – Available Globally

Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra 3 part series – Available Globally

Hello everyone, I’m Hilda in case you are new to my blog. I am a yoga teacher/studio owner and group experience leader. I have been bringing groups of amazing souls along on adventure and/or yoga retreats all over the world since 2013! I teach many styles of yoga but my favorites are Yin and Nidra(newly certified, YAY!). Since I am unable to lead yoga retreats at the moment I thought I would create a sort of weekly “virtual retreat” combining my two favorite styles via Zoom online for 3 consecutive weeks. I hope you join me on this mindful journey!

Yin Yoga’s “Dragon Pose”

If you know me, you likely know what Yin Yoga is and have maybe even attended my class at the yoga studio or on retreat with me but since I am new to leading Nidra and many of you shared on my Instagram poll that you are unfamiliar with it, I will explain it here.

What is yoga Nidra? 

Yoga Nidra is a practice that helps us discover our true nature at the deepest level without the trappings of learned constraints. It is defined as “yogic sleep”, the practitioner is deeply relaxed, yet maintains consciousness. It is a state where the body is completely relaxed, yet capable of increasing awareness of our inner world. 

Yoga Nidra has been used for thousands of years by sages and yogins to help purge samskaras and reprogram habits, thoughts and actions. It is a conscious sleep(NOT hypnosis) where the sankalpa(and intention formed by the heart and mind) is self decided and exploration is of that which is already there. In yoga Nidra, the practitioner is taught to lean into whatever is there – pain, fear, sorrow – and resolve those impressions(samskaras). Awareness in the unconscious mind helps to release muscular, emotional and mental tensions and create harmony from within. 

It is said that 1 hour of yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep! This of course does NOT mean that we should not sleep. However, it DOES mean that we can ALL benefit greatly from practicing yoga Nidra! It is helpful to those in search of peace and healing, those looking to reduce anxiety, those suffering from PTSD, battling physical ailments or disease, and more. The sky is the limit. Yoga Nidra is beneficial to the mind, body & soul! 

Anyway, needless to say, I am THRILLED to be certified to teach this style of yoga now and am so excited to pair it with my other FAVORITE style of yoga for a 3 week series! Yin & Nidra! 

In this series you will experience 3 styles of Yoga Nidra. We will start each practice with a couple of Yin yoga poses, focusing  on different meridians each week. Releasing toxins first, then settle into our savasana and begin our yoga Nidra practice, one style of Yoga Nidra per week.

The practice will be an evening practice(exact time TBD but likely around 7:30pm Pacific time) and last anywhere between 60-75 minutes total. Great any time of day but my favorite right before bed.

The dates are set, and are Wednesday May 6, 13 & 20. 

I encourage the use of essential oils for this series and will be gifting one FULL SIZE(100 drops) bottle of Doterra Align oil(part of the yoga collection) and one PPE map and compass print mask(pictured above) to ONE participant! The best part about the mask is that Not only can you use it now, during the pandemic. You can ALSO use it once this is all over and we are able to travel again. I don’t know about you but I always wear a mask on the plane.

Align is a centering blend that encourages harmony and calm progress. It promotes feelings of self acceptance, trust and fluidity. If you are not selected as the winner, you can always order a bottle for yourself before the series starts. I can get it for you at my wholesale price. Please allow 1 week for shipping if you choose to place an order with me. 
It is ideal to have some props or make shift props at least, for both Yin & Nidra. Bolsters are ideal but pillows will work to a point and blankets are a helpful and useful tool as well. If you’d like to invest in some props of your own, Fearless Yoga is having a GREAT sale (this week only) on Hugger Mugger props. Props will still be available after this week at regular price.

The cost for this series is $45 for all 3 Yin/Nidra classes. 

This is a special combined series of the two practices I hold very dear to my heart and I have invested a lot into making each session in the series very meaningful. 

Now how do you enter to win this FREE FULL SIZED bottle of Align and map & compass PPE mask?!?!?! 

  1. Sign up for my series 
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You must do all 5 steps to be entered.

Giveaway closes on April 25th at 11:59pm. Winner will be selected & announced on Monday, April 27th. 
Registration is still open after this date. You will just not be eligible for the giveaway. 


Open to everyone 18 and older from anywhere in the world!?

After you sign up, you will receive a personal email from me with more details and Zoom links.

Good luck on the giveaway everyone and I hope to “see” you on the mat!!!