Mystery Destination, Round 2

Mystery Destination, Round 2

So you weren’t selected for Mystery Destination round 1? Or maybe the dates didn’t work out for you so you never applied?

Well you’re in luck! I am doing round 2 of my “mystery destination” trip and I have decided to make it more accessible for everyone!

Granted, Round 1 is one of my TOP dream destinations so I purposely made it difficult to be approved so I could assure the group I am brining is a group that would make the trip fun and memorable, rather than challenging and exhausting.

This one on the other hand is NOT a trip that I have been longing to visit for over 14 years, but a place I came across just 2 or 3 years ago and immediately added to my “must visit soon” list because it is absolutely gorgeous and close enough to home to be realistic in the near future. Of course I will still have high standards for who I bring along because I definitely don’t want to bring anyone who is not ideal for this destination, someone who might not be a good fit for the current group already selected to go or someone who is below budget for this trip.

Now, allow me to tempt you with some clues (aka photos) of where we are going . . .

Feel free to send me any questions you may have in regards to this trip that will not disclose the location (SERIOUS inquirers only please), such as:

  • Is a Covid test required to enter?
  • Approximately how long is the flight from my home airport? provide me with your home airport.
  • Approximately how much is a flight from my home airport?
  • Do I need a passport or a visa?
  • How long is the trip?
  • Can I go if I am vegan?
  • Can I bring my kid(s)?
  • What do you have planned for us to do while we are there?
  • If selected, when will I find out where we are going?
  • Do I need any vaccines to travel to this location?
  • Etc.

A few more clues . . .

  • There is no AC
  • There are no cars or motorcycles
  • It is a TINY island
  • It is “close” to the United States of America
  • You can snorkel daily and see a wide array of marine life
  • The island has a population of about 1400 people

Ready to take the next step and fill out the application?

Please note that filling out the application does NOT mean you are coming. It is simply a tool for me to see if you might be a good fit for this trip. IF I think you would be a great addition to this trip, I will email you and invite you to join us. You are welcome to accept or decline! Simple as that. 😃 Please also keep in mind that if you do not get selected, it is NOT a reflection of what I think of you as a person. The decision might have been made based on something as simple as your ideal budget for the trip.

Now then, who is ready for an adventure?!?!?!

Click HERE to apply!

I will be notifying the selected applicants between February 14th February 28th 2021

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