How to fly and upgrade flights for FREE!

How to fly and upgrade flights for FREE!

It’s great to see that so many of you are interested in traveling and I am SO excited to share about what changed everything for me about 11 years ago. I have redeemed free plane tickets to Vietnam, mexico (MANY TIMES), Italy, Fiji, Ireland, Iceland and MORE! The “thing” I do is actually no secret at all, it’s quite well known to be honest. I have shared about it on my story a couple times at least. I think most people just blow it off OR don’t really know how to make the most of it. In fact, I know some of you are already aware of this little (not so secret) secret. I will share anyway . . . because there is SO much more to how in navigating this tool than just having a credit card. My key to traveling often and sometimes luxuriously is credit card POINTS!

I’m sure you are ALL familiar with what a credit card is and some of you have maybe even gotten into trouble with one at some point in your life. If this tends to happen to you then I do NOT recommend this travel hack in your situation. The goal here is NOT to go into debt, it is to use a credit card as tool to get FREE stuff, including travel. To MAXIMIZE what you get out of your card while also building up your credit score.

There are LOTS of cards to choose from and many offer “perks” for me, an avid traveler, I only ever consider cards that are going to reward me with travel. I personally use the Capital One Visa card and I am going to explain to you how that specific card works. I honestly don’t even bother with a card that won’t give me travel rewards and actually got rid of every card I have that doesn’t, so I can get the most out of this one card. I will do my best to make it simple, to not overwhelm anyone. I will also include a plethora of others perks you get for using this card.

So with the Capital One Card (NOT SPONSORED, though I wish it was), I started by signing up through a friends link which was offering 20,000 BONUS miles in the first 3 months if I spent a certain amount of money. That was going to be easy because my plan was to put EVERY LITTLE THING I PURCHASED on that card. literally everything. I started with a REAL budget though, you HAVE to know what you actually have available in order for this to work and not put you in debt. You should never go beyond that amount or you’ll be accruing interest and that isn’t going to get you anywhere. Basically, don’t spend beyond your means. When I signed up, I was also given the option for a second card in someone else’s name and I made sure to request one for my husband, so he too could put every little purchase on the card! I AM TELLING YOU, I AM RELIGIOUS ABOUT PUTTING EVERY DOLLAR I HAVE TO SPEND ON THE CARD.

Essentially, we use our Capital One cards exactly how we were using our debit cards before we had our cards, except now we are earning point for EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR spent. We are literally getting rewarded for living our normal lives. We always know exactly how much money is in the bank to pay off the credit card in full every month and never spend above that amount. We buy gum, put it on the card, lunch? On the card. Shoes? You guessed it, on the card! A plant? on the card! groceries? On the card! Remodel a house? YUP! On the card! A plane ticket. . . ON THE CARD!!! Except now we earn FIVE times the point for those (travel) purchases because I get 5 times the point when I use my card for travel purchases! I honestly don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this. We even pay our bills with the card! Those bills would be getting paid anyway, excpt now I am earning travel by paying my bills! Of course there are a couple of bills that I can’t pay with my card but not many to be honest. Fun fact, I accept credit cards for my group trips too*! So you can book a trip AND earn future travel at the same time!

How do you redeem the points for travel? There are many ways to redeem points with the Capital One Card. and all are SUPER easy. The easiest way is to make your travel purchase using your credit card and then once the charge posts, you can go right into the app and select the “cover travel purchases” option. It literally pulls up EVERY travel related purchase you have made (hotel, airfare, airbnb, rental car, tour, etc) and you just select the purchase you want paid and BAM! The transaction is immediately paid off. That’s my favorite, this way I can book any way I want and I essentially just get reimbursed. Another way to book is to book using your points on the Capital One booking site. This is also a great way to redeem point for UPGRADES on flights! πŸ™‚ It’s an easy to navigate booking website just like Orbitz, Expedia, etc. except they won’t screw you over if something comes up and you need to cancel like the third party booking sites mentioned before will.

On top of travel perks, you can also get free stuff! Like just about ANYTHING, because you can use your card on Amazon purchases and pay with your point right on the amazon website/app. Just add your card to your amazon account and select point at check out. I literally got TWO amazing stand up paddle boards for FREE using my points! Like I said before, I literally don’t know why everyone doesn’t use this card. I provided an image of what it looks like at checkout to pay with points on Amazon (I was ordering books for my daughter, for FREE). As you can see, I have over $1,000 available to spend on Amazon at the moment. ALL earned just making every day purchases on two cards, mine & my husbands.I can literally get a FREE plane ticket RIGHT NOW using points.I’m telling you, this really works.

ANOTHER perk of this card is the ability to book hard-to-get restaurant reservations, set aside exclusively for cardholders. As well as access to exclusive tickets and perks at unforgettable events like concerts, sporting events, theatre performances and MORE!

Well, I hope you found this helpful. I KNOW that this is very basic information and I am more than happy to help you dig deeper into this tool and answer any questions you may have. Please leave those questions that popped up in the comments of this post. I will answer them publically in case anyone else has the same question. Like I said, I know this is a very quick explanation, so I really do welcome the questions! πŸ™‚ I also have TWO available bonus point gifts left on my account to gift to anyone who signs up using my link. I had three but one was used already by a friend of mine. Be one of the other two to get those points by signing up using my link —> HERE

*Cards accepted for my group experiences (trips), but will have a 5% credit card processing fee. Which you will also earn points on.

Current Capital One Offer: A total of 75,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 in the first three months

Annual Fee: $95

Why it’s great: Capital One Rewards allow users to book travel or cover travel booked in the previous 90 days for one cent per mile. That means this card is would cover over $750 on travel, even retroactively! Capital One miles can also be transferred to a number of airline programs at a ratio of 1:1, allowing for true flexibility in booking the best reward flights.

Other Benefits:

  • $100 rebate on Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fees. This means NO standing in long security lines and removing shoes, coats, etc. at the airport! SO worth it!
  • 2x the points on ALL spending
  • NO foreign transaction fees
  • I hope this helps you understand how credit card points work. Remember to ALWAYS be responsible and don’t spend what you don’t have, BUT be sure to charge EVERY dollar you DO have!
  • Again, leave questions in the comments, so I can answer them all publically. In case others have the same questions. πŸ™‚