Quarterly Nature Therapy Day Sessions In Yosemite National Park

Quarterly Nature Therapy Day Sessions In Yosemite National Park

Who better to guide you through Yosemite National Park than someone who has spent a large part of her life there? I grew up in a small town known as “the gateway to Yosemite”. Some of my earliest childhood memories include day trips to the park with my family, almost every weekend some seasons! We would go sledding in the winter, hiking and waterfall chasing in the summer and spring, jumping into leaf piles in the fall. I have fond childhood memories all over the park, from every season and into adulthood!

I hoped around states for a bit exploring other parts of California, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Texas and finally ended up in Mariposa county (in the foothills of Yosemite), around 2011. I quickly purchased an annual parks pass after I realized I was spending most of my weekends exploring the park with my daughter and pups (plus visiting other U.S. National Parks as well). About a year after moving back to the area and exploring deeply myself, I began leading day trips there for friends and acquaintances. Those day adventures blossomed into what you see me doing today; guided group trips all over the world! It all started right here, in my “backyard”.

I have always found healing in nature, as a Christian, I see nature referenced so much in the Bible and never overlook or underestimate how God is trying to bless us and speak to us through His creation. This connection lead me to dive deep into all things mind/body/nature/soul connection related and eventually into getting certified in Forest Therapy and Nature Mindfulness in 2020. I have a HUGE passion for helping people find peace and healing through nature.

If you ever want to try out one of these day session, I lead Forest Therapy sessions in Yosemite National Park every few months for only $75 per person.

A little more about those sessions:

Awaken and align with this power hour of Nature Therapy/Shinrin Yoku introductory experience! We will meet at beautiful Yosemite National Park where we will then drop into our Nature Therapy (Shinrin Yoku) intro session. I will explain what Shinrin Yoku is, where and when it originated, the benefits of forest bathing and how to do it (and NOT do it). Then, I will guide you through a couple of therapeutic mindfulness practices before setting you free to embark on your own personal experience of “Forest Bathing” for a set amount of time before bringing us all back together to share what we each encountered within and without, while connecting with nature, sharing is optional. A light snack will be provided at this time. I am vegan, so the snacks will be vegan. Each participant will also be given a “Shinrin Yoku in a bottle” essential oil blend as a keepsake, to bring the experience and benefits home with you, long after our time together has ended. Use topically for a soothing self massage, diffuse it in your home, or put on your reflex points.


Intro to Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) Informative Mini Class

Shinrin Yoku (Forest Therapy) Session

A Full Sized Dropper Bottle of “Shinrin Yoku in a Bottle” Essential Oil Blend

Vegan Snacks


* This event is for people 12 and older. Parent signature required for minors.

* Do not embark on ANY new physical activity before consulting your physician first.

* Water NOT included, please bring your own hydration. I will be providing light snacks such as trail mix and fruit.

* Bring a towel, blanket or exercise mat to sit on for the “mini class” portion of the session

* You will be emailed the exact meeting point after signing up.

* Entrance into the park is not included. This can be purchased at the park entrance gate.

Next guided nature mindfulness session is To Be Announced at 11am in Yosemite National Park

Head over to www.intothewildexperiences.com or email me to sign up or learn more! hilda.intothewild@gmail.com