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It’s no secret that I’ve been a wildlife warrior my whole adult life. If you follow me on social media, you see me post about this topic regularly and actively involved in ”doing my part”. For those of you NOT on social media, I thought 

A few of my favorite things – With links & discount codes

A few of my favorite things – With links & discount codes

Hey everyone! I hope you find this list helpful in your search for whatever it is you are looking for! I know I am always so thankful when people who are doing what I do (or what I want to do), put together lists of 

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

Do you have a wellness warrior, wanderluster, or nature lover/Outdoor enthusiast to shop for? If the answer is yes, then I have some AWESOME shopping ideas for you! Click on the underlined links above the photos to be taken directly to the shopping page! 🌝

I have included 3 gifts in each category, at a very wide range of price points! I also threw in a link to my “Amazon favorites” for a HUGE variety of items to browse that I can personally vouch for.💛

The Wellness Warrior:

The worlds BEST superfood powder – I’m serious. Not only is it PACKED with nutrients, it’s also ridiculously delicious!!! Not exaggerating. 3 flavors available.

Hamama Kits – The answer to eating more greens. Especially because in smaller towns it’s actually hard to find these in the grocery store! Trust me, these grow kits are something your wellness warrior friends will think you are a genius for thinking of!!! Noon GMO, organic & beautifully designed!

Ceremonial Grade Cacao – Extraordinarily healthy, natural plant medicine.

The Wanderluster:

The Worlds BEST luggage! – Beautiful, sustainable, high quality pieces! More than just suitcases too!

A Wanderclub token keepsake keychain or necklace – Whether you are trying to visit every continent, every state, every national park, every country, every landmark or every ANYTHING (they customize tokens too!) this is the BEST gift for your wanderluster/adventurer!

Eco-Friendly Travel Utensil Kit – Collapsible Straw and Spork Kit. Collapsible straw kit includes 2x collapsible, stainless steel straws with silicone tips, 2x collapsible straw cleaning brushes, and a stainless steel foldable spork complete in its own travel pouch. Telescopic straws can expand to different sizes, 9″, 6.75″ or 4.25″- perfect for anything from iced coffees to cocktails. The most portable kit – The straws and foldable spork conveniently fit in a keychain pouch to take it on the go. Fits in your back pocket! Perfect for plastic-free living of gifts!

The Nature Lover/Outdoor enthusiast:

National Parks Adventure Book – Not limited to this AMAZING National Parks Book I purchased for myself, they also have dozens of other books, journals, guides & stickers!

America the Beautiful Annual Pass – This would be the PERFECT gift to your outdoorsy friends/family members! In fact, it’s such a good idea, you’ll want to make sure they don’t already buy one for themselves every year before purchasing.

Shinrin Yoku in a Bottle – When you can’t make it to the forest, bring the forest to YOU! Perfect for use anywhere in the world to obtain the benefits of forest bathing without having to leave home! Diffuse, add to a warm bath, apply to your wrists and neck or just open the bottle to infuse your senses.

Check out my Amazon recommendations below too for a comprehensive list of A TON of my favorite things! From book and soaps to camping gear and kitchen gadgets! ALL Hilda approved!


Of course you can always buy gas, hotel, airbnb, airline or Visa gift cards for anyone and make their day but those are obviously less personal.

Another option for the person who “already has everything” is making a donation to a foundation/non profit in their name/honor. 🙂

Happy shopping everyone! I hope this list and these links have helped! 🤎