A few of my favorite things – With links & discount codes

A few of my favorite things – With links & discount codes

Hey everyone! I hope you find this list helpful in your search for whatever it is you are looking for! I know I am always so thankful when people who are doing what I do (or what I want to do), put together lists of their recommendations! Especially when some of their links include discount codes! Which most of my links here DO! YAY!!! Simply clicking the product link on most items will apply the discount directly to your cart, while others will require my discount code.

Please note, these companies are not paying me to write this post for you. I am sharing because I truly love and use these brands! 🌝 Here they are, in no particular order . . .

Wellness & Nutrition

  1. Purple Carrot. Plant Based Meal Kits.
  2. Kachava. The World’s Healthiest Superfood Shake. NOT KIDDING!
  3. MUD/WTR. Your New Morning Ritual.
  4. Barukas. The Healthiest Nuts in the World. Don’t Believe me? Click to Learn More.
  6. OurPlace Non Toxic Cook Wear
  7. Sugar Mat. Wellness & Fitness Accessories.
  8. Sun & Swell. Real Food that Makes you Feel Good.
  9. Rainforest Bowls. Sustainable Coconut Bowls & More! DISCOUNT CODE: WORLDWORTHWANDERING
  10. Wellness Reimagined. India’s Largest Collection of Loose Leaf Teas.
  11. Hamama. Microgreen Kits.
  12. Seedlip. The Original Non Alcoholic Spirits.
  13. Qitraditions. Scientifically Proven Medicinal Mushrooms. DISCOUNT CODE: HILDACASTILLO

Travel & Outdoor Adventure

  1. Capital One Rewards Card
  2. My Nature Book Adventure
  3. The Wander Club
  4. Monos Luggage, Bags & Accessories
  5. Waterlust
  6. Stream to Sea
  7. Get Your Guide Tours
  8. Viator. Find Amazing things to do. Anytime, Anywhere.
  9. Roam Right Travel Insurance
  10. Priority Pass. Find Airport Lounges & More.
  11. Think Outside Boxes. Award Winning, Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids.
  12. Artza. Faith Based Subscription Boxed, Curated in Israel! DISCOUNT CODE: ARTZAHILDACASTILLOLANDRUM
  13. SkyRoam. Portable Wifi.
  14. Eco Gloves, Protect Your Health & Save the environment! DISCOUNT CODE: WORLDWORTHWANDERING


  3. Pact, Earths Favorite Clothing.
  4. ThreadUp. Secondhand Clothing Subscription Boxes.
  5. Soulvation. Home of the Butter Soft Headbands

BONUS LINK!!! MY AMAZON FAVORITES!! 👉🏼 Everything from electronics & outdoor essential, to vitamins, books & everything in between! CLICK —-> HERE

There are a few other brands I love and use as well, I will add those links here in the next couple of weeks.🌝