Visiting Yosemite in the fall

Visiting Yosemite in the fall
Photo: Depositphotos
Yosemite National Park is doing away with the need of reservations to enter the park on October 1st! 
A few tips for visiting the park in the fall. 

• September: 50°F/84°F

• October: 41°F/72°F

• November: 32°F/57 F

Things to Do:

• Go hiking

• Photograph the colorful foliage

• Look for wildlife 

• Forest bathe (aka nature therapy)

• Ride a bike 

• Have a picnic 

• Go camping 

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• Stargaze or watch one of the meteor showers. Orionids: October 20 & 21 – Crescent moon rises during peak. It may me tough to view the small meteors. Leonids: November 16 & 17 – In view during peak hours. These are perfect conditions to watch the meteor shower. Also, this meteor shower only occurs once every 33 years!

What to Pack:

• Food & water 

• Hiking shoes

• Outdoor gear

• Layered clothing, including a coat. The weather can go from hot, to cold very quickly. 

• Umbrella or raincoat. Unlikely to be needed but bring and leave in the car, just once case. 

• If you plan on star or meteor gazing, be sure to bring a comfortable chair, a blanket, bug spray & a red filtered flashlight for reading maps and chats without ruining your night vision. 

Remember to LEAVE NO TRACE! Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.