5 tips to stay fit AND still have fun while traveling

Do you want to know how to travel without blowing your hard earned physique? I recently wrote a guest post for the AWESOME fitness company Runtastic on how to stay fit and healthy while on vacation. To check out the article, click Please follow and like us:

Packing 101

I often get asked how in the world I manage to pack for a week long trip bringing only a carry on and a bag or backpack.  This includes ALL electronics! Well, I will break it down for you right here! 😀 Please follow and like us:

Gift ideas for the Wanderluster

Do you have a traveler you want to shop for this CHRISTmas? Well as a traveler, I have a bunch of GREAT ideas for you!!! (photo found on Bing search) Please follow and like us:

How can I afford to Travel?

The answer is simple.  I really can’t but I am smart about how I do things AND I am also fortunate in that work takes me to some places I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, like Australia. Please follow and like us:

Travel Playlist

My music preferences usually change with my mood but when it comes to travel, I find my mood is almost always the same. I’m mellow yet excited, pensive yet zoned out & giddy yet grounded.  Totally doesn’t make sense . . . I know. That being said, I hope that explains the absolutely RANDOM playlists…

The New Hydros Bottle

Hydros Bottle came out with a new bottle design AND I am in love!!! I love the bottle AND I love everything the company represents. 😀 Please follow and like us:

Snacks In My Packs

“Failing to prepare, is like preparing to fail.” or something like that. Now, I don’t want you to think that I eat clean 100% of the time while I am on vacation BUT Please follow and like us: