5 tips to stay fit AND still have fun while traveling

TweetDo you want to know how to travel without blowing your hard earned physique? I recently wrote a guest post for the AWESOME fitness company Runtastic on how to stay fit and healthy while on vacation. To check out the article, click

Goodbye 2013. How much of my 2013 “To Do” list did I actually do?

Tweet2013 was a very good travel year.   Life itself on the other hand it was EXTREMELY tough. I lost my best friend and beloved fur baby Lucy in October after a 10 month struggle with Lymphoma.  I am still not OK about her passing, I honestly probably never will be. Nonetheless, I still somehow managed…

Packing 101

TweetI often get asked how in the world I manage to pack for a week long trip bringing only a carry on and a bag or backpack.  This includes ALL electronics! Well, I will break it down for you right here! 😀

Gift ideas for the Wanderluster

TweetDo you have a traveler you want to shop for this CHRISTmas? Well as a traveler, I have a bunch of GREAT ideas for you!!! (photo found on Bing search)

How can I afford to Travel?

TweetThe answer is simple.  I really can’t but I am smart about how I do things AND I am also fortunate in that work takes me to some places I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, like Australia.

Travel Playlist

TweetMy music preferences usually change with my mood but when it comes to travel, I find my mood is almost always the same. I’m mellow yet excited, pensive yet zoned out & giddy yet grounded.  Totally doesn’t make sense . . . I know. That being said, I hope that explains the absolutely RANDOM playlists…

The New Hydros Bottle

TweetHydros Bottle came out with a new bottle design AND I am in love!!! I love the bottle AND I love everything the company represents. 😀

Snacks In My Packs

Tweet“Failing to prepare, is like preparing to fail.” or something like that. Now, I don’t want you to think that I eat clean 100% of the time while I am on vacation BUT