“Where in the world have I been” you ask???

I have had quite a few people ask me where I have been so I thought it would be convenient if I just had it all written down in one place. 😉

I started traveling at a young age but as an adult, have gone through “spurts” of travel. So my list is slow and steady, steady being the key word here! 😉

States I have visited:

  1. California – born and raised
  2. Hawaii – lived there for nearly 5 years – Mostly Maui, some time on Oahu & Kauai as well
  3. Colorado – lived there for 1 year
  4. New Mexico
  5. Texas
  6. Arizona
  7. Utah
  8. Montana
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Rhode Island
  12. Washington State
  13. Oregon
  14. Nevada
  15. Alaska
  16. Wyoming
  17. Georgia
  18. Illinois
  19. Florida
  20. Iowa
  21. Minnesota

Countries I have visited:

  1. USA – Born and Raised
  2. Mexico – around 15 times
  3. Costa Rica – 3 times
  4. Honduras
  5. Spain – twice
  6. Italy – twice
  7. France
  8. Greece
  9. Macedonia
  10. Canada
  11. Monaco – technically a sovereign city-state
  12. Vatican City – technically a sovereign city-state
  13. Austria
  14. Belize
  15. Australia
  16. Vietnam
  17. China
  18. Iceland
  19. Bahamas
  20. Fiji
  21. Slovenia
  22. Romania
  23. Croatia

I haven’t even began to touch the tip of the iceberg of places I would like to visit.

I won’t dare write down my bucket list because it is about a mile long but I CAN say that I would absolutely love to step foot on every continent . . . I have no doubt I will accomplish that in my lifetime. Slow and steady right? 😉

I would love to hear about YOUR favorite destinations and why you love them so much so please feel free to comment here with stories and photos of your trips! 😀
-The Girl with the Map tattoo

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