Costa Maya Mexico

I though that having visited the Mediterranean, and a few countries in Central America I had seen some pretty clear waters but I hadn’t seen anything until I visited Costa Maya Mexico. A small tourist town in the Caribbean in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

When our ship arrived at the little Mexican beach town and I looked out off of the deck, my jaw literally dropped at the sight of the crystal clear Caribbean waters. It took me a moment to gather my thoughts enough to regain the ability to put one foot in from of the other and make my way off the boat and onto land.

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We started off with a little shopping, watched some Mayan ritual shows and grabbed some lunch before we decided that we needed to find a nice beach to relax on. We took a cab to Mahahual and slipped into complete relaxation mode for the next several hours. After a couple of hours of playing in the warm Caribbean waters and beaching ourselves under palm trees in the sand we decide we were hungry and made our way down a path of shopping tables to our right and the beach to our left.





We eventually stumbled upon a cute little restaurant that offered free wifi, we were sold! Fernando’s 100% Agave on the beach, not to be confused the with Fernando’s 100% agave found a little further in town.







I was thrilled to finally have free wifi, especially after paying an arm & a leg on the ship for minimal minutes. The food and service were outstanding! It actually caught us off guard since we hadn’t heard a thing about this place, we simply decided to eat there for the free internet. We leisurely enjoyed our food with our toes in the sand and just kicked back to enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere . . . and food. The server was extremely nice and frequently came back to our table to make sure everything was OK or simply to chat, even the owner came out to say hello and thank us for eating at his “restaurant”(which actually looked like a tropical beach hut).


This beach and dining experience ended up being one of my most memorable experiences of the entire cruise. NOT just this port, I mean the WHOLE trip! Our appetizers, soft drinks and meals ended up costing around $18USD total, well worth it since we ate like royalty! After our meals, they even brought us a couple of beautiful shots of 100% agave nectar, melon liquor(and a few other things) to aid in digestion. I am not a big drinker so I just took a sip of mine out of respect but if I WAS a drinker I would have loved it! It was very sweet and smooth. 🙂


I hope to return to Quintana Roo one day and I DEFINITELY plan on stopping by mahahual again when I do!

-The girl with the Map Tattoo

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  1. The whole Costa Maya area does have beautiful turquoise water. Mahahual has grown a lot in the last few years–a lot more houses and people. But it’s still laid back and the water is still gorgeous. A great place to kick back! Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. I did. VERY much!! I hope to return one day. 🙂

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