Ice Skating Inside Yosemite National Park

First let me start by saying that I am not a great ice skater. In fact, until this visit to Yosemite last month, I had only been ice skating ONCE before in my life.  Yet I still somehow found myself in the car, on my way to the national park, ready to “teach” my daughter how to ice skate.  ha ha

As if ice skating for the first time wasn’t exciting enough, I had to take her to majestic Yosemite National Park to make her first experience on skates even more amazing.  It was!

As I was driving us through the park on our way to curry village, I found myself pulling over every few minutes to get out and “take it all in”.  At one point I thought we might miss the next ice skating time slot because I was literally stopping more than I was driving. During one of my many stops driving thru the park that day, I did what I always do.  I looked in my rear view mirror to make sure I would not be holding up traffic, then stopped in the middle of the road to take a photograph. I originally just wanted to stop and snap a picture of the waterfall to my left only to have my breath taken away by the mountains and trees that I saw in the rear view mirror as well.

There was/is literally beauty in EVERY direction! A perfect day, as expected! 😀

We arrived to curry village a bit earlier than the next ice skating time slot so we killed some time enjoying the beauty that surrounded us. I let my daughter ride her bike for a while and also let her terrorize, I mean walk the dog.  Before we knew it, it was time to put on our skates!!!

My baby girl posing in front of a snow speckled half dome.  Which provides breathtaking views during ice skating.

My girls during out walk/jog on the bike path!

My daughter had mixed emotions during her time ice skating.  She went from thinking it was hysterical and crazy to thinking it was too difficult and “slippery”.  She went back & forth on her emotional roller-coaster for a few minutes until the nice employee hanging out with us brought her some road cones to balance on while she got the hang of it, this turned everything around!  She was laughing, slipping, sliding, holding on, and asking me to take her picture.  Everything was fun and we were having a great time, then she fell on her booty . . . hard.  The tears started flowing and fun was over, instantly.  It was time to hang up our skates and buy some smores to enjoy by the fire.


We walked over to the gift shop as I tried to calm her down and explain to her what we were about to make.  I had to keep reassuring her that these sweet treats would make her forget all about her nasty fall.  She had never heard of, much less had a smore so it was a hard sell.  Until she heard marshmallows were involved, then her sob’s turned to whimpers.  The minute she learned we would be “playing with fire”, the fun commenced immediately.  The joys of having a toddler.  ha ha

We ended our day driving out of the park right when the steam started rising from the ground.  Being the tree hugging, nature lover that I am, I was in heaven!  I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful scenery.  It took everything in me to stop taking photos and drive us home.

IMG_3399 IMG_3410 IMG_3398 IMG_3400 IMG_3386

IMG_3397 IMG_3384

Needless to say, a great time was had by all!  We will definitely be back for another round of ice skating before the season is over.  Next time, we will bring my husband who claims to be an excellent ice skater. We shall see . . . 😉

– The girl with the map tattoo

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