Blue Mountains National Park Australia

Just when I thought the world couldn’t possibly get any more beautiful, it did!  What I feared would be a cloudy and uneventful day quickly cleared up and became one of the most spectacular days of my life.

Looking out at Echo point at the 3 sisters and over the blue mountains valley was an experience I will never forget. As I looked out over the lush green valley & down to bottom of the valley floor WAY down below, I literally trembled at the beauty and “hugeness” of what surrounded me.
The 3 sisters were magnificent to gaze at and watching the clouds move around us and then disappear was a surreal experience in and of itself. I can literally say I was walking in the clouds, such a magical feeling. As the clouds dissipated it was as if I was opening a gift from God of his gorgeous creation!!!


Looking out at the 3 sisters at Echo Point



Someone got lost hiking in the valley but fortunately they carried a tracking device and this helicopter was out to rescue them!


The 3 sisters in fog.


So happy to be here!!!  Even in the clouds!!!

Also, don’t forget to venture away from echo point and take a walk in the rainforest too!! You can walk to Katoomba falls and see the beautiful flora along the way. It is an active yet leisurely way to spend the day! 😀







At the base of Katoomba falls


Several options to explore the Blue mountains!



IMG_5225  IMG_5229 IMG_5230 IMG_5232

I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Blue mountains in Australia.

G Adventures

G Adventures

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