NYE 2012/2013 Yosemite National Park

Well, six months later and I am finally blogging about how I brought in the new year.  As some of you know I went to Mexico shortly after the new year for a “giving trip” then upon my return home I was devastated to learn that my dog(which is like my first child) was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  These things put a delay on my blogging but I am trying to play catch up now.

Yosemite in the winder time is a winter wonderland.  You really cant ever go wrong when visiting Yosemite but there is something magical about seeing it all white and seeing the mist over the rivers.  It’s like a scene out of a mystical movie!

I went with my whole family.  Husband, daughter and fur baby and we had a blast looking at the frozen waterfalls, seeing several deer, making snow angels and having snowball fights.

IMG_6107 IMG_6150 IMG_6299 IMG_6309 IMG_6312 IMG_6319  IMG_6321IMG_6320

As you can see, a good time was had by all!!!  Except my husband who froze his butt off in the car most of the time for lack of clothing preparation. ha ha

Keep exploring!
-The Girl With the Map Tattoo


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