Zip Yosemite

If you are looking for a zip adventure of a lifetime then you MUST do a tour with Zip Yosemite!!!


I have zip lined in Alaska, Belize and now with Zip yosemite and I can honestly say that Zip Yosemite is THE BEST zip lining adventure I have ever experienced!!!  They truly designed a world class zip tour here!!!  Of course each zip lining tour I have done had it’s own charm but this was by far the most diverse and exciting! 😀

We zip lined at speeds of up to 40mph, across 1,000 foot zip lines, 100 feet above the ground, over ponds, across challenging suspension bridges, and even rappelled!!!  From a couple of platforms we even had views of Yosemite and every step of the way, we had amazing views of nature.  The extremely knowledgeable, personable and kind staff was like icing on the cake!!!


My two awesome guides, Steven and Tyler. 🙂


Foxglove.  One of the prettiest flowers I have EVER seen!


One of 3 suspension bridges we crossed.

Zip yosemite is located in Calvin Crest, at 5,000 feet elevation, in the heart of the Sierra National Forest.  It is right between Oakhurst and the South gate entrance into Yosemite National Park.  Let me tell you, the drive alone was beautiful enough to make the whole road trip worth it!  They have two departure options 10am and 2pm, I did the later.

Before or after zipping, depending on your start time, you can make your way to Yosemite for more adventure OR head into Oakhurst.  Oakurst is a very cute little town with plenty places to refuel your car and your belly!

Now lets talk safety.  Zip Yosemite is top of the line when it comes to safety.  They not only own and operate zip yosemite, they also own and operate 6 zip tours across the United states AND help other zip companies safely construct their zip courses.   Their tour is regularly inspected and the staff is highly qualified to lead the zip tours.  An extra perk . . . not only are they concerned about OUR safety, they also care about our PLANET and implement “green” practices for construction!  That’s my kind of company!!!

Worried about the time of year?  Don’t be!!!  Zip Yosemite is open year round!!!  Imagine zip lining through a winter wonderland!!!!  I HAVE to do that this winter!!!

When you book your tour or once you are there, please be sure to let them know you heard about them through me!!  I’d greatly appreciate it if they knew I referred you!!! 😀  Zip Yosemite’s Direct phone number:  1-559-642-6688.  I believe they have a special going on right now too! 😀


Me with one of the my wonderful Zip tour guides and Wade the west coast manager of all of the EBL Canopy tours

Distance from where you are:

Oakhurst – 20 minutes

Yosemite South Entrance – 30 minutes

Mariposa – 60 minutes

Fresno – 75 minutes

San Francisco – 4 hours

Keep Exploring!!!

– The girl with the Map tattoo 😉

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