Bay Area Expeditions – Wilderness Training & Backpacking Class

One of the things on my list of  “13 things to do in 2013” was to take a wilderness training course with Bay Area Expeditions.  I am excited to say that I checked that off of my list!


 Beautiful Northern California.  On our way to the meeting place for the class.


Another view from the drive to our meeting spot.

As an avid outdoors woman, world traveler and nature lover I assumed I would EASILY know how to survive in the wild.  Especially because I watch all those survival shows on TV(wink wink).   BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  I would have died in a couple days if I was stranded in the wilderness before this class and trust me, I wasn’t clueless.  I am just trying to express how informative this class was.


All geeked out and ready to take the BAE class!


Acting like a tourist.

I did the “Wilderness training & backpacking class” and I can honestly say I left feeling more empowered about being amongst nature and excited to spend even time exploring our beautiful planet. I didn’t know THAT was possible.

Our guide Chris was extremely knowledgeable,  He taught us, he challenged us and he guided us through one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the state of California!!!  We even learned which plants were edible and got to taste them!!!!  I felt like Andrew Zimmern from bizarre foods! ha ha


Me with Chris the owner of and a guide at Bay Area Expeditions


Edible plants!  They were quite tasty. 😉


Chris in action teaching us about our surroundings.

Not only did we learn about edible plants and which are fire resistant.  We also learned about gear, shelter and what is truly important in emergency situations in the wild and in everyday life.  I don’t want to give too much detail about what we learned because I want YOU to take the class.  They teach it WAY better than I ever  could.  Did I mention the views???


Beauty everywhere.


A view along our hike to our “classroom”.


Huge trees growing from a single dead tree.  Nature is AMAZING!!!


My view from our lecture spot.


Another view from along our hike.


A banana slug.  We learned what medicinal purpose these little guys were originally used for many years ago.


Taking it all in.  The sunshine, the lecture and God’s beautiful creation.


Open wide!!! My friend Megan pouring some fresh stream water into my mouth using one of the water filters we learned about during class.  Yummy!!!


Pure bliss

I am proud to say that I “have a clue” now in regards to being in nature and like I said before, I was no dummy.  This class just showed me how much MORE there is to learn.  I hope to take many more of their classes and hopefully one of their expeditions!!!! Bay Area Expeditions is a Grade A company in my book!!!  I highly recommend you sign up for one of their MANY tours, classes or expeditions!!! 😀

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Special thanks to BAE for hosting me on their tour. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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