Backpacking Point Reyes National Seashore

Earlier this year I was able to do something I have been wanting to do for nearly 2 years now . . . . Spend some quality time at Point Reyes National Seashore.  I had the privileged of going for a couple of hours last year and though I DID see an INSANE amount of wildlife, I felt like I had just not experienced everything I wanted to experience form the pictures I had seen during searches online.

I went on an overnight backpacking trip with Treks and Tracks.  They provided pretty much everything.  Which was great because I do not own a backpacking backpack, freeze dried food(which was surprisingly delicious), a tent or a sleeping bag that is of sufficient quality for the cold temps the cold nights drop to.  The only things we were required to bring were our clothing, water and snacks.  Of course I brought my computer and entire camera and video gear.  BAD IDEA.  The added weight was very much hated about an hour into the hike.  The hike there and back is very strenuous, even for me.  So when they send you the packing list, please listen to it, minimal is key.

The views throughout the hike were absolutely breathtaking, the guides were kind and helpful and the camp site was perfect, equipped even with bathrooms and running water.  I thoroughly enjoyed being so close to the beach and listening to the waves crash as I laid in my tent.  Sitting outside after dinner and looking up at the unpolluted sky was nothing short of spectacular.  Stars, stars and MORE STARS!!!  A nature lovers dream!!!  One guide was even kind enough to help me figure out the basics on my camera to take night photos. 😀

Back to camp.  About a 45 minute walk on the beach(each way) from camp is a waterfall.  THE waterfall I had been daydreaming about seeing in person for a LONG time.  It isn’t the tallest or most powerful fall you’ve ever seen but it IS beautiful and it crashes right onto the sandy beach which is breathtaking in and of itself.  I have an affinity for waterfalls, especially one that crash into the ocean so needless to say I felt like I was in paradise laying on the warm sand while listening to both the waves AND a waterfall both make music near my head.

If you live anywhere remotely close to Point Reyes National Seashore and love nature and being active I HIGHLY recommenced this tour.  I drove 4 HOURS to get to meeting place for this trip and it was worth every minute of driving. Even the drive there was beautiful once you started getting closer to the national seashore.  My best friend and I found ourselves making frequent photo stops to photograph random spots along the way.

Treks and Tracks offers many different tours, I was definitely not disappointed by the one I did with them. 🙂  Check them out for your next outdoor adventure!!


All geared up and ready to go



Camp is set up!


THE waterfall I had seen in sooo may pictures but never in person until this day.


Relaxing on the rocks next to the waterfall


One of our guides even shared his HOMEMADE digestive with us after dinner.


Good night.

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A special thanks to  Treks & Tracks for hosting me as their guest on this experience. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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