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During our last 2 days in Iceland, after completing our road trip around the island via the ring road, a friend of mine told me about a lesser known(than the blue lagoon) but also super great geothermal bath house, Fontana.  With only 2 days left and a ton of places left to experience, I knew we needed to add it to the itinerary, especially since it was so close to Reykjavik.

Fontana in located in the Golden circle and is equipped with geothermal steam baths, saunas, relaxing pools, locker rooms, a restaurant/bakery, gift shop and a lake!  Side note, you MUST try the traditional Icelandic rye bread while you are there.  The Laugarvatn people still bake their bread in the hot sand by the lake!

Arriving there by rental car was actually a lot easier than I expected and we were able to see some incredible sights along the way.

We spotted this body of water just off the left side of the road on the drive there!

Upon arrival we each decided which option we wanted to purchase and then made our way over to the locker rooms to change and head to the pools!  With so many options, it was hard to know where to go first but we had our mandatory rinse and just hoped into the closest pool to us!

The path to our first steam bath at Fontana

Enjoying the warmth with my best friend Kasie

All of the pools/baths at Fontana were way less crowded than the at the Blue lagoon and just as relaxing.  Now I am NOT trying to discourage you from going to the world famous Blue Lagoon, I think you should ABSOLUTELY go!!!!  I am just saying that I think you also need to make time to visit Fontana during your visit to Iceland.

The views from the baths were beautiful, overlooking Lake Laugarvat, which you can also take a dip into while you’re there.

I loved  how the bottom of the protective rails were open to make lake viewing better. ❤️

A stunning view of the lake from the warmth of a relaxation pool

Just know you are taking a dip at your own risk, as there are many hotspots along the shore due to the geothermal activity in the area.  Regardless, we went for it and entered the lake.  We didn’t regret it one bit.  As the saying goes, “You only life once”!

The lake, right before we took turns testing out the waters.  iCloud deleted all of my photos of us in the lake. 😖

After testing out all of the pools and saunas and wading in the lake waters as mentioned above, we changed back into our clothes and made our way to the cafe to enjoy a beer.  I honestly can’t think of a more relaxing way to wrap up a trip to Iceland.  If you are in Iceland on a short stay and do not have a lot of time to explore beyond the western part of the island, do yourself a favor and make your way over to Fontana, you won’t regret it.

I will leave you with some important info that you’ll need in order to add this to your itinerary.

Adults(17 and older) – $35
Youth – $18
Children(0-12 years old) – FREE
Family rate – $89 per visit
Geothermal Bakery Experience – $14

Towels – $7
Dressing gown/Bathrobe – $14
Bathing suit – $7

*Amounts are in approximate USD amounts based upon the currency exchange rate at the time this blog was posted.

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Location Map

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A special thanks to Fontana for hosting me as their guest for the day. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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