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I was at it again last week . . . ink therapy.


Before going to Iceland I knew I wanted to get a tattoo as a “souvenir” of my trip.  Why an Iceland tattoo you wonder?  Of ALL of the trips I have taken.  The answer is simple, Iceland has been in the #1 spot on my wanderlust list for around 20 years now.  I figured THAT is deserving of some permanent memorabilia.

I considered an Icelandic Ruin, nah.  The Icelandic flag, nah.  The National flower, nah.  Then it hit me . . . an exact replica of my passport stamp into Iceland.

As we(one of my best friends, Kaise and one of her other best friend’s, Jed) stood outside of our hotel in Lake Myvatn, with nothing but time on our hands as we waited on mother nature to decide if she was going to come out and play or not.  I couldn’t help but wonder where I was going to put this passport stamp tattoo.  My ribs, my (other)wrist, the inside of my upper arm, none sounded “right”, I finally decided that I wasn’t going to decided until I got in front of my tattoo artist.  Hours passed, we chatted, took photos, went in and out of the hotel lobby to defrost, then it happened!  Aurora Borealis started to really fire up and I frantically set my camera up on the tripod, put on a snowsuit which was provided by the wonderful front desk staff and ran back outside for the show.  Seeing them go into full effect was something I just can not describe well enough with words.  It was like a colorful, slow flowing ocean of color dancing in a dark black sky.  While I watched, I couldn’t help but repeat “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh” like a broken record, a broken record that also had tears in it’s eyes and rolling down it’s face. 😉  Then it hit me, I ALSO needed to add the exact GPS coordinates to where I was standing right when I saw this phenomenon of the northern lights dancing above my head for the first time.


I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience this display with Kasie and Jed.  Seeing them alone just would not have been the same.   The other girl that was with us on the road trip decided to call it a night early that evening and went to bed.  Unfortunately for her, she missed the entire performance, as did my friend Kelly who opted out of the second half of the road trip and headed back to Reykjavik to continue enjoying the city life.   Boy did those two miss out on one of God’s greatest displays of art!!!  Though after catching up with my friend Kelly a couple of days after returning to the states, she said she had a blast in Reykjavik so that was great to hear.  To each their own! 😀

Seeing the northern lights was THE main reason I was in Iceland, I didn’t care if I had to stay up ALL night, EVERY night.   I WAS going to to see them while I was there and they were worth every minute of missed sleep!   It is a good thing the 3 of us stayed up that night because it was the ONLY time in our 12 days there that they made an appearance.  Weather we were in the wrong part of the country, or it was too cloudy or the Aurora forecast was just weak, every other night we were there we had NO luck.

Short story long, that is what the numbers next to my passport stamp mean. 😉

Keep exploring,

– The girl with the Map tattoo

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