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After MUCH consideration of NUMEROUS continents and countries my best friend and I FINALLY decided on our next trip location!  We are going to PERU!!!!  I have been dreaming of hiking Machu Picchu, paragliding and food tasting in Lima and exploring the Amazon rainforest for longer than I can even remember.  To know that . . .  God willing, we will actually get to experience these things next year is almost too much excitement for me to bear!!!

Fun in the Sun

Since one of my bucket-list items is to step foot on all 7 continent, I knew for sure that I wanted to visit a new continent.  That left us with the options of South America, Africa and Antarctica.  She has been to Africa so that narrowed it down to South America and Antarctica.  Since neither of us have $15,000-$35,000 to spend to go to Antarctica, the continent selection became very easy.  Ha ha

Once we decided on the continent then came the tough part.  Which one of the MANY AMAZING countries would we narrow it down to???  I had my heart set on Peru.  Though Brazil, Chile and Argentina would definitely not be out of the realm of options if she really did not want to go to Peru.  However, she was IN!  I mentioned Peru and she was stoked!  YAAAAY!!!  It’s easy to see why we are best friends, we are like one souls dwelling in two bodies.

Paris Tours

Now that we have the location and dates set, here comes the fun part.  Dreaming, imagining and planning!  I am in the process of looking for amazing companies to work with and/or book with.  If you own a company or know of one that you recommend please let me know, I am open to suggestions.  I am also always wanting to volunteer wherever I travel, so if you know of an organization in need of short term volunteers, please send them my way too! 😀

Here are a few images of the places, animals and activities that inspired me to want to visit Peru.  NONE of these images are mine.  I found them all on a bing engine search.


Paragliding in Lima


Fresh and unique new food experiences

amazon_trippic1 opwall-amazon-peru-576x320

The amazon rainforest.  Need I say more???

Machu-Picchu-at-Sunrise machu-picchu-late-afternoon

Machu picchu, A place I have imagined myself wandering during vivid day dreams time and time again.  A place I have heard from NUMEROUS people is absolutely life changing!!!

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