I guess we are unintentionally going with a theme of locations that start with “B”

Even though we haven’t even left for our first family trip to the Bahamas this winter.  We are already planning our next family trip for 2015.  I have a forced habit of planning very far in advance for big trips and the wait ends up feeling like an eternity, nonetheless, it has to be done.  Needing to budget for these trips is what makes international, spontaneous family trips less likely in my world.   Though, I HAVE been known to book trips for myself to Mexico less than a week before departing. 😉  Something like this needs planning and saving.  A LOT of saving.

I actually booked our Bahamas trip back in early January 2014, before even leaving for Mexico in mid January and Iceland in late March then excitedly and impatiently shared my winter travel plans with the people I was in with in Iceland, even inspiring one girl to go home and book the SAME EXACT TRIP!  I just can’t keep my travel plans a secret! ha ha I get WAY too excited!!!

Our whole family is VERY excited!!! Jolee is beside herself, asking almost daily when we get to go to the “warm beach”.  😀

Just like we allowed our daughter to choose our 2014 trip location back in January of 2014, we are allowing her to choose our 2015 location as well.  She toyed with Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Istanbul(Turkey), Brazil, Mexico and finally decided on Borneo.  GREAT choice in my opinion!!!  She chose yet another place HIGH on my bucket-list! 😀  It is a win win for everyone involved.  Even my husband will be happy since Borneo has one of the biggest malls in southeast Asia.  Yes, you read that right.  My husband is the one in our family that likes to shop. ha ha

Here are a few pictures of reasons why ANYONE should want to go to Borneo!!! 😀  Photos found in bing search engine search.


article-1310129-0B15EAAF000005DC-75_964x631Niah Cave (Gunung Subis)borneo-21733362-1364214596-ImageGalleryLightbox


Jungles – Flora & Fauna

730959-2 234664-dans-la-jungle-de-borneo 1.1277892400.sunset-in-borneo-jungleBornean orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus); Tanjung Puting National Park, South Kalimantan (K. Selatan), Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Indonesia

borneo-jungle-plus-grand-fleur-du-mondeborneo_1420121c Patient Orangutan jungle_borneo1 Jungles_of_Borneo large-sumatran-rhino-photo Borneo Elephant 6main_imagerafflesiaborneo-male-orangutan-63638-lw

Beaches, diving(marine life) & over water bungalows

1371467110_Southeast-Asia--Malaysia--Borneo--Borneo-01Borneo_21733341_ImageGalleryLightbox_1364214596Perth Scuba   Johanna Pool Photographyhammerhead-sharks-regaldive-1024x640


sabah_008 Sipadan-Water-Village-bungalows_1 tip_of_borneo2088capitol--tour-taman-negara-e-beringgis-beach-resort-o-similari_18c2d00cc7d28c3a661a2477657ec802b



novotel-1-borneo-kota-kinabalu_3010200907493571451borneo Brunei_Mall3-541x405 20 1borneo1

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