Mixing Business with Pleasure in Sydney Australia

Back in 2012 I had the pleasure of visiting Sydney Australia on a business trip.  I was there with Muscle Werks for an event called Filex.  THE BIGGEST health and fitness expo in Australia(and New Zealand).  Think The Olympia or The Arnold in the USA but in Australia.  As if attending the event wasn’t enough, I had the pleasure of being a “guest of honor”, for lack of a better term.  It still feels REALLY, REALLY weird saying that.

Walking into the convention center the night before to help set up, I navigated the maze of booths to get to ours, a big booth in the Flush Fitness mega booth, then I saw it, in all its glory, a GIANT poster of me hanging from the ceiling.  Scratch that, it wasn’t a poster, it was a billboard, only bigger.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had to rub my eyes, pinch myself and ask my good friend who was also traveling with me if what I was seeing was real.   It couldn’t be . . .  I am just a regular old girl from central California but for some reason there was a 100 foot poster of me hanging above our booth at THE BIGGEST fitness event in Australia.  Right next to another poster of the very famous Ana Delia.

Ugh, I can’t believe I am posting this but here goes. . .
It was one of my first interviews so cut me some slack for sounding like a total dummy.

Anyway, enough about the billboard.  The event itself is a MUST for anyone involved in the fitness world, just as the Arnold and the Olympia are here in the USA.  If you are into fitness, competing or anything of the sort, you MUST GO TO FILEX!!!

While I was there, I took advantage of my time(and free plane ticket courtesy of my sponsor) and booked a few tours/activities before the big event started and it would turn into all work and no play.  Oftentimes people think these events are easy.  People assume you just get to stand around, smile and hand out free samples.  How hard can that be right?  WRONG!  It is SO much more than that.  You are on your feet ALL DAY, which when you have an old back injury can be extremely painful after several hours, you have to have a smile plastered on your face the ENTIRE time, be ready to take a photo or sign a poster at any given moment, be FULL of personality all day AND try to convince every person visiting your booth that your products are in fact the best one at the event(ours were).

Don’t get me wrong, I am a generally happy person so smiling isn’t “hard” per say but keeping a smile painted on my face for 16 hours a day, 2-3 days in a row isn’t exactly “easy”.  It is mentally and emotionally challenging to be “on” for that long.  Though, I must add that you do get to meet those few people who have AWESOME testimony’s about how your product helped change their lives.  Those encounters make it ALL worth the back and foot pain, cheeks hurting from smiling so long and mental exhaustion at the end of each day.  I am not complaining, I am blessed for the opportunities to go to these expos, my point is that they aren’t as easy as they seem.

So back to before I got side tracked explaining that working a demo both is in fact work, I was talking about how I took advantage of a free trip to Australia, which I am still extremely thankful for.  Before all the work started, I did a few “me things”.  I went to the breathtaking blue mountains, saw a ballet at the Sydney Opera house, headed to featherdale wildlife park and visited some of Eastern Australia’s famous beaches, Bondi and Manly to be exact.

showing my love to Bondi beach

taking in the 3 sisters at Blue Mountain National Park

the gang heading to a ballet at the Sydney opera house.  Don’y mind my crazy eyes. ha ha

petting a koala and kangaroo IN australia, CHECK!!!

Of course I can’t forget about the food.  I ate until I couldn’t eat another bite . . . and then ate some more.  The places we ended up at were so good!  I was fortunate to have friends there so I just let them choose where we ate, locals always know best.  I honestly can’t remember the names of all of the restaurants I had the pleasure of dining at but I DO remember Icebergs with its “instafamous” swimming pool and I also explored and ate at the world famous Sydney fish market.  Here are a few photos of some of the other places we ate during our culinary adventures in Australia.



We used the Big Red Bus to get around to all the beaches without having to pay an arm and a leg for taxi’s.  FYI, taxi’s in Australia are very expensive.  Then for the rest of our tours/activities we booked thru Viator.

selfie from the top deck of the Big red bus

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