The coolest travel invention . . . EVER

Yes, you ARE seeing this right!  A travel pillow AND a hammock in ONE!


When I first saw these on Instagram a few months ago, I could not believe what my eyes were seeing.  I ordered two and hoped “the catch” wasn’t the quality.  When they arrived I excitedly opened them up and was VERY pleased to see that there was NO CATCH!  The quality was just as amazing as the creation itself!!!

The material is soft and comfortable.  The production is detailed and sturdy.  The prints are super stylish and I mean come on, it is a travel pillow AND a hammock(with everything you need to put it up that moment) in one!  Need I really say more???

Here is the scoop on the product, because I am sure by now you want to know how to get one.  It was created by @jourenyingJames(aka @hammockrepublic), he has named his creation a

Duoyan[noun] – A travel pillow that transforms into a hammock.

He is based in the Philippines, which is where they ship from, though the shipping time is surprisingly FAST to the USA!  I got my tracking number and it seemed like 4-5 days later, my Duoyan’s were already at my door!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  The only payment option is PayPal, so if you don’t have a PayPal, get one ASAP!  I believe shipping within the Philippines is free and he is happy to quote you a price for shipping anywhere outside of the Philippines.

Hammock republic makes hammocks in so many awesome patterns, it is almost hard to order just one, just warning you.  I got two and want about 3 others.   They each weigh just over 1 pound and hold up to TWO ADULTS(aprox 330 pounds)!!!  I think that is pretty much all you need to know.  If you want to get to their page, just click above anywhere their name is mentioned and you will be taken directly to their page. 😀

IMG_7724 IMG_7755



Take out of  the bag and set up.  We used trees . . .


UNZIP . . .








Buy two, You won’t regret it.




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