15 things I want to do in 2015

The following is my annual “to do list” in no particular order.

If you read my last “to do” list you’ll know that as much as I would LOVE to include 15 HUGE trips, there is just no way possible for me to do that.  So instead, I like to keep my “to do” lists realistic.  Even then it is still tough to accomplish everything on my lists.

1. Beach or Park clean up with my daughter – My daughter has been asking me for almost a year if we could do a beach or park clean up and I have been “to busy” to actually take her to do this good deed.  I really need to make this a priority as I really am SO proud that she even has the desire in her heart to help our planet at such a young age.


*** Photo by Mary Gudgel ***

2. Swim with Whale sharks in Mexico – I would go on & on about why I want to swim with whale sharks but do I really need to?  I think this photo(found on a bing.com search) speaks for itself.  I first learned about these majestic creatures about 6 or 7 years ago when I saw a National Geographic photo of a woman swimming with one(not this photo) and have been eager to do it ever since.


3. Do a travel themed photo shoot with Jolee  – Shot by Mike Byerly or Mary Gudgel

 final for site

*** Photo by Mike Byerly, edited(vintage look) by me. ***

4. Take The Blonde Abroad, the coolest traveler online, on a winter wonderland adventure in my “back yard”, Yosemite. – I am thinking ice skating, bonfires, exploring nature, hiking to frozen waterfalls, I would like to elaborate further but I will keep you in suspense instead.


*** Image by me, Hilda Castillo ***

5. Cage dive with great whites in California – If the price tag wasn’t SOOOO expensive I would have done this years ago but since it is I am working on saving the money to actually make this happen.  It’s one thing to swim with “docile” sharks in the wild but to get into the water with one of the fiercest predators in the world, would truly be an adrenaline filled experience.  Just like I like them.


*** Image found on Bing Search ***

6. Visit Peru with my friends – Machu Picchu, the Amazon, Lima . . . –  See dream itinerary —-> HERE


*** Image found on Bing Search ***

7. Do another New year = New Hope trip to Mexico with my dad – I have been doing these giving trips with my family as long as I can remember but we took a break from it for many years.  My dad and I brought back the tradition 3 years ago and if we do it again this year it will be year 4!!!  I REALLY, hope it works out.  Below we are photographed next to one of the nuns at an orphanage we helped at.


*** Photo taken by my cousin with my Iphone ***

8. See the amazing General Sherman(January 2015, check!) in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park with my own two eyes. – I’ve long known about this national park and this famous tree, which is the largest living thing on the planet but have yet to make my way there.  I find it very humbling  to visit places and things that remind me how small I am in the big beautiful planet we live on.  I am certain this photo does not do General Sherman justice.


*** Photo sound on Bing Search ***

9. Take our fur babies (bulldogs) to the ocean for their first ocean experience. – They have been in our swimming pool countless times, the “beaches” in Yosemite national park and Bass lake but they have never been to the ocean, to a real beach!


*** Photos taken by me with my Iphone ***

10. See Fire-falls in Yosemite National park in person – I “almost” go every year but something ALWAYS comes up.  I NEED to make it happen this year.  No if’s and’s or but’s about it!  –  Prior to 1968 burning hot embers used to be spilled from the top of glacier point but the national parks service ordered the event to be discontinued for various reasons.  NOW, every year, towards the middle and end of February, the setting sun back-lights water falling from Horsetail Falls, above Yosemite Valley giving the appearance of the waterfall “being on fir”e.  In my opinion, the later sounds far more miraculous than the prior.

Yosemite Firefall_small

*** Image found on Bing Search ***

11. Do a snowmobile wildlife expedition in Yellowstone National park with my best friend. –  We have been toying with the idea of doing a snowmobile trip to Yellowstone for about 3 years now but again, it just hasn’t happened.  The thought of riding past bison and wolves in the oldest national park makes my heart go completely wild!  Seeing the “grand canyon of Yellowstone” and of course, the geysers.  This would truly be a trip of a lifetime, especially with my best friend.


*** Image found on Bing Search ***

12. Have a bulldog play date adventure with my fellow vegan friend and major inspiration Bulldogstuff – They are PLUS ONE now too!!! Ohh Emmm Gggg!!!


*** Photo taken by & from bulldogstuff ***

13. Go to a music Festival, ANY good music festival. Shoot, I’d be happy with just attending a concert!  It has been WAY too long since I listened to some good live music.


*** Image found on Bing Search ***

14. Do an expedition with Talus Outdoors, ANY expedition.


*** Image taken from Talus Outdoors website ***

15. Sky dive! – I am pretty sure I have recruited a group of about 10 people to join me in this lifelong desire.  January would be ideal but trying to coordinate so many schedules might push this forward to February.  Does anyone have any suggestions for sky dive companies with awesome safety records and reviews near central Cali?


*** Image found on Bing Search ***

Never stop exploring,

The Girl With The Map Tattoo

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  1. Kristina says:

    LOVE YOU! You are so inspiring and I hope to make this come true!! Even BEFORE 2015!! <3

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