Scuba Diving with Bahama Divers

Just when I thought my love for scuba diving couldn’t get any greater, I scheduled a dive with Bahama Divers and was quickly proved wrong.


In my 13 years of diving, my have dives included countless dives in Maui(Hawaii) and California and one dive in Roatan(Honduras) and one in Iceland.  Up until these 2 dives with Bahama Divers, diving Silfra in Iceland was hands down my favorite dive to date.  This dive def gave Silfra a run for it’s money.  I won’t go as far as to say one was better than the other because they were SO COMPLETELY different from each other but these two dives most definitely top my charts of the best dive experiences I have ever had, HANDS DOWN!

I arrived by taxi to what appeared to be a simple dive shop with a blue overhang and entered to be completely overwhelmed by all of the colors and shopping opportunities available to me.  The shop was full of everything a diver would want to buy if they didn’t own it already.  Of course I turned a blind eye and made my way to the back to sign in.  I was then lead out the back door to grab my wetsuit and hop right onto the boat which was docked right behind the dive shop.  Boy was that simple store front misleading.  Who knew the beautiful Bahamian waters were right on the back side of the building, ready for me to jump aboard the boat and start my unforgettable dive experience!!!


I signed up for a two tank dive.  The first stop was to the Lost Blue Hole, a natural hole in the open ocean floor approximately 100 feet across and over 200 feet deep.  The perimeter of the hole is located in 40 feet of water and you can dive as deep as 90 feet down.

The boat ride to the Blue Hole was long and bumpy but a combination of the beautiful blue water speckled with Bahamian islands on both sides, such as Gilligan’s Island(yes, the movie WAS filmed there!), Rose Island & Athol Island, as well as a WW2 wreck called The LCT barge which was submerged in about 25-30 feet of water BUT you could still see if from the boat because the waters were so clear and the breeze blowing in my face made me forget the time and enjoy the ride.  On these dives, I had one desire, to see sharks during at least one of the two dives but I not only got to see what I yearned for, I experienced SOOOOO much more than I expected.


Sharks . . . yes, I saw sharks, about 9 of them combined at both dive spots actually.  In fact I almost touched a couple of them at the second dive spot, Barracuda reef(a 35 ft. dive).  What took place at the Lost Blue Hole though, almost, made me forget I even wanted to see sharks.  At the lost blue hole I saw countless types of beautiful fish, 2 types of sharks, lobster, southern sting rays, sponges, coral reefs and sea turtles.  Let me tell you about the sea turtles. The guides told me ahead of time of a sea turtle that is often at the lost blue hole and is quite friendly.  I asked if I could touch it because other places I have dove, you are not allowed to touch the wildlife. Here however, they said it was fine.  You can’t even imagine the excitement that came over me.  The second dive spot, Barracuda reef was full of stunning and colorful coral reefs, more beautiful fish, tiny species of rays(or maybe babies?), many reef sharks, sea stars, conch’s and more!  Don’t worry, I did not touch the reef, I touched pretty much everything else I saw but not the reef!  I know touching it, damages it.


2 of many sharks!

Here are several more photos from my dive and down below, past the photos is a full length video that won’t do the dives justice BUT you can get a glimpse of my experience and put a picture to my words.  ENJOY!!!


Wefie with captain Wayne on the way to the Lost Blue Hole!


Here I go!!!  Into the Lost Blue hole.


Bahama divers has some of the coolest dive guides ever!!!  They always make sure to let you know where the action is.


Stunning Coral reefs and schools of fish were found at both dive spots.


More vibrant underwater life!


Beautiful fish swimming around a colorful coral reef

Never stop exploring,

– The girl with the map tattoo

*Some dive info taken from Bahama Divers website.*

*My sea turtle “ride” was not actually a ride.  I more swam along side of it all the way to the top.  It was NOT supporting my weight AT ALL!  It was a MAGICAL experience!!!*

*Music by Ludovico & The Glitch Mob*

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