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My good friend Kel and I are at it again and this time we are headed to Croatia and Romania.  I am SO excited to check these two amazing places off of my bucket-list!!!

While in Romania we hope to visit Dracula’s Castle(plus a couple of others), hike or horseback ride in the Carpathian mountain’s, see how the locals celebrate Easter and taste the local cuisine.  I would also loooove to go paragliding but we will have to see how things fall into place time wise.

While in Croatia our plan is to road trip from Zagreb all the way to Dubrovnik in a rental car.  We plan to make many stops along the way including Plitvice National Park(HUUUUGE bucketlist item), Zadar, Split, Krka, of course Dubrovnik.  We are also totally open to making spontaneous stops along the way wherever catches our eye!😄  The actives we have planned include waterfalls, OF COURSE.   I would also like to check out some of the locations where one of my favorite TV shows was filmed, Game of Thrones.   Kel would like to do some wine tasting and of course we will want to check out the famous Croatian beaches, even if we don’t get in as it will likely still be cold in April.  Last but not least, I think we might venture out to visit a 3rd country since we will be so close to the border of two while we are in Dubrovnik.

During our stay in Croatia we are staying in both Hotels and Airbnb’s to experience Croatia both ways.

My first trip with Kel was to Iceland, our second was to Fiji and now we are excited to see what lies ahead in Eastern Europe!

Best of Silfra 2013 (9)

⬆️ Iceland ⬆️

Scuba Diving Silfra, between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.


 ⬆️ Fiji ⬆️

Taking a sea plane to our resort in the Yasawa’s.

Have you been to either country?  Do you have any tips for us before we head out?  We’d LOVE to hear from you! 💜

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