Montana and Wyoming

Over Easter Break, Jolee and I went to visit my best friend in Montana so I could throw her a baby shower and visit for a while.

and we are off!!!✈️

I thought it would be great to kill two birds with one stone and head over to Yellowstone while we were there and FINALLY check off one of my biggest US bucket list items!  Before that though, we had a lot of other adventures to partake in outside of Yellowstone!  The main event of course being Kasie’s baby shower. 💖

Travel & adventure themed baby shower for my bff Kasie. Did you think it would be anything else?!?!

Our first adventure honestly just consisted of being at my best friends house.  Her place is like out of a movie!  Lots of land to explore, a total log cabin feel, a hot tub(we didn’t use it), a fire pit(we used it), a huge deck, deer as far as the eye can see and did I mention it snowed???  It was Jolee’s first time seeing snow fall so it was super exciting for us!  She had been to the snow many, many times before this but never experienced it falling on her head and catching it in her mouth before.  It was super special.

Baby girl taking it all in the day we arrived. 💖

the weather in Montana has a mind of it’s own.  Sunny one day and . . .

. . . snowing the next!

Jolee roasting marshmallows in an open fire one of our first nights there.

A couple days after we arrived the weather cleared up and Kasie and her Husband took us to float the Missouri river.  Again, another first for Jolee.  She felt like she was a real life adventurer. . . . wait, she WAS a real life adventurer!  We weren’t on a tour with guides, we were REALLY DOIN’ IT!!! We had perfect weather which I couldn’t be more thankful for and the best company ever!  The only person we were missing was my husband!

view from the top

view from the raft

one more from the raft

However, I had the best view on the lake.  her . . .

feeling like an explorer


we made a couple of pit stops on little “islands” along the way to explore.  Jolee couldn’t believe how cold the water was! ha ha

After the adventures in and around Helena were over, we made our way towards Yellowstone National park for a couple of days.  I was FINALLY going to check off a big one! 😍  We were only at Yellowstone 1 & 1/2 days and it was just enough to make me want to come back for more!  In the summer next time. . . 😉

Upon entering the park we were immediately greeted by a rainbow!

after admiring the rainbow and taking a few moments to thank God, we made our way to our first stop in Wyoming,  Mammoth Hot springs.

We made it!  Time to explore!!!


The girls trying to get a better view and shot of Mammoth Springs


I had NEVER seen anything like this in my life.  It was AMAZING!!!

It looked just like National Geographic portrayed it!!! WOW! Trying to wrap my mind around it was impossible. So I stopped trying to and just allowed myself to enjoy it.

Our next stop was to the boiling river!  I had first heard about this river years ago while looking up things to do in Yellowstone.  The boiling river is created when hot spring meet the Gardner river and mix, creating a hot tub like watering area to soak in.  You KNOW we had to go there!  Three nature loving girls like us were not going to pass this up!

Along the way we saw a ton of wildlife!  Little did we know that we would come even closer to it once at the river!



SOOOOO excited that she had arrived!

Kasie checking out the info board, see that bison oh you know, about 15 feet away!?!?!

Here is that wildlife I told ya was RIGHT THERE!!!

They were literally next to the path as we made our way to soak in “God’s hot tub”!

The walk past the Gardner river, heading to where we entered to soak about 1/2 mile down.

We’re in!!!!  Behind me is a hydrothermal terrace ranging in temperatures between 113-140 degrees fahrenheit while below there is water coming out of the ground at over 100 degrees.  These mix with the freezing snow melt water coming from the Garner river and make a somewhat enjoyable experience.  ha ha I say “somewhat” because it is hard to find the “perfect spot” . . . and keep it.  Because the water is flowing and you can’t control nature, you can find yourself loving life one minute then wanting it to end the very next second because you are hit by a wall of freezing cold river water.  All that being said, I would do it all over again!  It was such a fun adventure with my two favorite girls!!

Post Boiling river love.

Our final stop in Montana was at Chico Hot Springs, a western style mountain resort and day spa about 30 miles outside of Yellowstone national Park with a much more enjoyable and predictable hot spring experience.

We arrived, checked into our room and headed straight for the hot springs.  Jolee could not wait to swim in them!  We stayed as long as we could safely stay in the hot springs being that Kasie was pregnant after all.  Then we headed to dinner at the restaurant on the property.

This is the look of a very relaxed and very happy little girl.

cooling off just enough to hop back in

Trying to decide where to go next.

We had a few virgin drinks with our meals then called it a night.

The next morning it was time to wrap up our time in Montana. We were not so secretly, hoping that there would be a huge snow storm and we would be forced to say.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  With one final stop at a  cute shop to take a photo a dragon for Jolee, we were off to the airport.

Until we meet again Montana and Wyoming!!!

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