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I discovered Natural Life about 2 years ago and have been purchasing items from them ever since!  My daughter and I absolutely LOVE the huge variety of inpisrational treasures, jewelry, comfy clothes(me) and we especially LOVE the Boho Bandeaus they sell!!!

Whether we are going on a walk, a road trip or globetrotting, I love to bring along our Natural Life goodies!

Jolee and I have 3 Boho Bandeaus and we frequently “fight” over who gets to wear which one!  The one pictured below is the one we “fight” over most. 😉

Besides them being SUPER cute, I also love how versatile they are!!!

Functional, practical, cute and fun to wear!!!  You can wear them with a sun dress or on a long hike!

Here are a couple of the other Boho Bandeau’s we own.

Another item we love is their tooth brush covers.  They are almost impossible to find at stores anymore so I was THRILLED when I found them on Natural Life‘s website!!! Not only do they serve the purpose of keeping unexpected germs off of your toothbrush, they are also the cutest covers I have ever come across!!!

How cute are these!?!?!?💛

Speaking of cute. . . . We LOVE our coin purses which also double as Essential oil and lip goodie bags!!!

I love the bit of sunshine they bring to my day simply by reading the messages that are printed on the bags.💖

Perfect if you just want to carry some money, ID, chapstick and of course an essential oil. 💚

Did you know Umbrellas could be cute too?  Like really, REALLY cute!!!  Well consider yourself informed.  When I came across this umbrella on Natural Life, I not only  purchased one but TWO of them so Jolee and I could have matching umbrellas.  I have never owned an umbrella that receives compliments every single time I open it . . . until this one.

I snapped this photo of my friend Susan during a rainy day walk this past fall.

Below are a couple of other available prints. . .


Last but not least, you can’t forget about their clothing!!!  I brought along my super cute and cozy Logan maxi dress when I went to Europe last month and I honestly wished I had it in like 10 colors so I could have wore one every day I was there!  It packs well, doesn’t get excessively wrinkled, is SUPER comfortable and is cute to boot!!!  Not the best photo of it but you get the point.  I attached a link to the dress on the Natural life website if you’d like to see more photos of it, just click on the text “Logan maxi dress” above.

ready for a day of sightseeing in Venice, Italy last month. 📷

If these items aren’t enough to have you clicking over to their website,  maybe their cute beach towels, colorful water bottles, home decor or car stuff will peak your interest?!?!?! 😀

Is there a website you adore?  One that makes you happy just browsing?  I’d love to hear where your happy place to shop online is!!! 😀

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