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I often get asked which brand of beauty and body care products I use and to be honest, I don’t really have a wildly elaborate beauty regime.  Over time, I have tried different brands for different needs and if they work, I stick to them.  I even enjoy making my own products using essential oils.  😊

I have complied a list of all of the health/beauty products and toiletries I currently use.  I am all about being natural, and staying free of toxins that poison my body.   You will see that philosophy reflect in my choice of products below.  I have done a ton of research on this topic but I know that new research is emerging constantly.  So if you have any break thru information you’d like to share with me, I would love to hear it. 😉

Now, most of these products are not travel friendly sized container but it is easy to transfer most of them into containers that are TSA approved.  I even included some that I recommend at the end of this post. 😃


Face wash – Pacifica sea foam complete wash

Toner – Eco Tan organic face tan water

Make up remover – Organic coconut oil. That’s it!

Night Blend – I make my own creations using organic coconut oil and different essential oils based upon my needs.  I apply them all over my face and neck at bedtime or as spot treatments during the day.  I use Doterra oils because after much research I found them to be one of the best quality oils out there.  I put all of my pre-made mixtures in their own labeled 20 gram amber jars for easy access AND they are travel friendly! 😀

Hair & Body

Deodorant – Organic fields of Heather

Body lotion – Pure organic coconut oil or Shea Moisture Ultra sensitive lotion.

Shampoo & Body wash – Honest company shampoo & body wash

Conditioner – Honest company ultra calming dreamy lavender conditioner

Hair therapy – Badger Argan Oil

Kopari coconut body glow –  This one I just like to use when I want a little extra shazam!  It is kind of a “special occasion” or “I’m in a tropical place” kinda product.  It gives you a beautiful shimmering glow and it smells divine!!!  One of my favorite things about this company is that for every purchase, they donate $1 to “Waves for Water”, an organization that helps bring clean water to people who need it.

Oral hygiene

Toothpaste – Tom’s of Maine

Tooth brush -Adult bamboo tooth brush.  Of course I use floss too but I don’t have one particular brand I must use.

Outdoor skin care

Bug repellent – Sawyer Premium insect repellent with 20% Picaridin.  Sometimes you want something a little stronger without Deet.  Plus, this container comes in a 3 ounces bottle so it is travel friendly!

Bug Repellent – Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural insect repellent.

Last but certainly not least as far as natural bug repellents go, I love to use my Doterra essential oils.  The product in particular that works great for protecting against bugs is Terra shield.  I literally lather on all three of the above to try to protect myself from mosquitos.

Sunblock – The Honest Company SPF 30 sunblock

Organic Sunblock – Badger Kids SPF 30.  You know I am all about my baby girl so I wanted to include a kid specific organic product that we love as well.  Plus it is 2.9 ounces so it is TSA approved! 😃

Face Sun protection – The Honest company sunscreen stick SPF 30

Spray Sunscreen – Coola SPF 30 sport sunscreen because we all know that the spray kind is so much easier than the lotion kind. 😉

Lip care – Coola SPF 15 lip balm


Pads/Tampons – Don’t forget that feminine products can be(and usually are) full of toxins as well. I prefer bleach free products myself.  I use Lola products and never have to worry about forgetting to buy them. They get shipped right to my house every other month without me having to give it a second thought! 👍🏼  Get $5 OFF of your purchase when you use my code “HCASTILLOLANDRUM1”.

If you need some travel containers to transfer your products into, try these by Ikea.  TSA regulations for liquids are 3.4 ounces and these are just that!  Plus the different colors help to tell the contents apart.  😀

I hope that me sharing my favorite products might help guide you in your search of products that are good for your body and our planet and will help you find a cleaner, healthier way to live.

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