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As many of you know, I am absolutely fascinated by genealogy.  I started my own personal heritage research and journey around the world about 17 years ago.  Though my obsession with my background began at a much younger age.  I remember the first time I had to make a family tree in Jr high school thinking, “this is school?!?!?  I could do this every single day just for fun!!!” 💜

Anyway, back to my purpose for this post.  I started my genealogy travels a loooong time ago.  I went to Mexico, Italy & Spain, trying to trace my ancestors footsteps and trying to learn more about myself . . . then I got stuck.  My family isn’t sure exactly what else we are . . . . I have also learned that sometimes, what you think you are can be TOTALLY off base.  Which brought me to a place of wondering . . . .  here I am trying to travel to all of the countries of my heritage when in reality, I really don’t have any idea what I am.   What I TRULY am.  Besides Mexican, that is truly the ONLY thing I know for sure.

This bring me to some really exciting news.  After many months of research, trying to find the “best” DNA kit to test my ancestry with, I found a company that blew me away!  I was so wishy washy for months before, I would decide on one then give myself a few days before purchasing as to not have buyers remorse, because to me, $100+ is not anything to just throw around.  Then I would end up at square one again, wondering if I should maybe do one of the other tests instead.  Then, after more research I found a company called Vitagene.  There isn’t another company like them around.   I officially narrowed it down to 2, ancestryDNA and Vitagene.   After reading many more reviews and calling each company with a myriad of questions, I decided to go with Vitagene because it is MUCH MORE than just a DNA test.

Vitagene helps you discover your past but it also helps you learn how to better shape your future.  It is the most complete DNA test for ancestry AND nutrition.  It not only tells you about your ancestral makeup, it also tells you which exercise is best for you, which vitamins you should be taking, which foods(from a small list) you might be sensitive to* such as gluten and lactose, all based upon your specific DNA!   A DNA test that can tell me about my heritage AND about my fat burning ability, metabolism and undiagnosed nutritional deficiencies!?!?  Ummmmm, SOLD!!!

I just put my samples in the mail today and I CAN NOT WAIT to get my results!!!  I can finally finish, or maybe even just get started(depending on how far off I have been in regards to what I think my heritage is) on my ansenstry journey around the world!  If you want to try Vitagene’s DNA test yourself, you can get 10% OFF by using the code “Hilda10”!   I would love for you to share your feedback if you decide to try this DNA test!!! 😃  To get to the Vitagene website click on any of the photos in this post or click anywhere the word “Vitagene” is mentioned.

Have you tested your DNA?  Which test/s did you use?  I found during my research that there are many people that are “DNA junkies” and try them ALL!  HA HA
Thanks to them, I was able to learn that Vitagene’s DNA test was one of many people’s favorites!

*For a much more comprehensive food intolerance/sentitivity test check out Pinnertest.  Use the code “HILDA” to get $60 OFF! 😃

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  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the code, worked like a charm!

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