What in the world am I?!?!??

I am sooo excited to share that I got my DNA results back last week!!!  I not only found out about my ancestry but I also received my “vitality report”.

A vitality report is a snapshot that explains the best diet plan for you, if you may be lactose or gluten intolerant, if you are susceptible to emotional eating, high cholesterol, alcoholism, muscle cramping, which types of exercises work best for you, which vitamins you may be prone to deficiencies in, and soooo much more.  All based upon your DNA.  It doesn’t get more personalized than this!!!   This is so much more than your typical ancestry test!

Back to the main reason I wanted to do this test, WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I!?!?!?  Well, I got back some information that I completly expected(Spanish), some that I strongly suspected(English & Jewish) but I also got a fun surprise(South American)!  Below is a graphic I created with a map and list of my results.  These results make it somewhat harder for me now on my genealogical travels since  I want to visit each country of my ancestry. . . . this just added about 30 additional places to my bucket list! 😐  I am definitely going to have to start doing some serious research to pinpoint exactly where I need to go on each continent because my DNA literally connects me to 5 of the 7 continents on planet earth! 😳

Have you done a DNA test?  What did you learn about yourself?  I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

If you would like to try the Vitagene test I did, you can use my code “Hilda10” and get 10% off of your order! 😀

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