Oh Venice . . .

I returned to Italy last month on kind of a whim and I sure don’t regret it!  My friend Kelly and I booked flights to Romania and Croatia many months before hand and at the very last minute, decided we wanted to completely reroute our entire trip and add 3 more countries to our original 2 country itinerary.

On my first trip to Italy I traveled thru many towns and cities but only stayed and explored Rome, Vatican City, Parma, Fidenza and Salsomaggiore Terme.  ALL fantastic places that I highly recommend.

This time around I drove thru many of the cities in the north/east on a roadtrip headed from Slovenia to Venice!  Then again on a different route from Venice back to a new location in Slovenia on the return trip.

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As I said while I was there . . . “I didn’t really know what to expect from Venice but I DO know that it exceeded every expectation I thought I had”  It makes sense to me . . . ha ha

Something I thought worthy of mentioning that I read online from sooo many people and also heard from more than one person during casual conversation with strangers, something that concerned me quite a bit because I have a VERY weak stomach when it comes to smells is that  “Venice smells bad”.   I have one question for all of those people. . . . “Have you ever actually been to Venice?!?!?”  Not one time did I ever even get a whiff of something remotely bad smelling.  The air was crisp and fresh!  I am still wondering what those people were talking about.

Ok I have a tendency to get sidetracked.  Back to Venice . . . this coastal water world blew.  my.  mind!!!  Every beautiful post card or photo you’ve ever seen of it, ignore them!  They are BETTER than that!!!  It is a city full of beauty, culture, history, food, art, shopping and romance!  I wasn’t there for romance but I can no doubt imagine it being a fantastic place to go with a spouse or significant other!  Floating along in a gondola and dining by the water.

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Without further ado, let me take you on a photo journey of Venice, Italy! 😍

Standing in front of the Chiesa di San Moise

Capturing the wonder of a man in his late 70’s to early 80’s photographing the beauty of the Chiesa di San Moise

Saint Mark’s Basilica

Gotta get proof that I was there. 😜

We made friends with the locals in from of the Basilica

Taking in the view of the gondola’s navigating thru the canals

My token map tattoo shot.  I try to get one in every country I visit. 🌍

I just can’t get enough

Just becasue it is pretty

Sunset from the Rialto bridge

In case you are wondering. . . yes, this is real life.

The men behind the magic of the romance that happens in Italy.  The gondoliers!

If you don’t feel like royalty being seranaded around the canals of Venice in one of these then I don’t know what to tell you.

A view of  a gondola cruising under the Rialto bridge and our hotel  from our seats at a restaurant across the way.

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Oh to be a kid again . . . brothers hugging and rough housing  in front of a pastry and candy store while their dad shopped inside.

The cobblestone walk-ways of Venice are just as enchanting at the water-ways!

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Oh and I made friend’s with another local. . . . be still my heart!!

I wanted to bring him home with me SOOO bad! 🐶😍

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