Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia totally caught me off guard.  If I am honest, Slovenia wasn’t anywhere near the top of my list of “places to visit”.  In fact, I don’t think it was on my “list of places” to visit at all.  I think that was because I didn’t realize the beauty she had within her until we decided to go there and I started researching our new destination.  Ignorance is bliss right?  Well I was suuuuuper ignorant because Slovenia ended up being one of my favorite places EVER!

In fact, I think the Lake Bled area is soooo beautiful that EVERY person should visit it at some point in their lives!  Not kidding.  Seriously though . . . I am NOT kidding.

From a castle with INCREDIBLE views, fun areas for kids, a church on an island in the middle of the lake, and activities galore to cute places to shop, sip and dine and Vintgar Gorge(this place gets it’s very own post later) a very short drive away.  It is definitely a place not to be missed.

Our hotel was located on the waters edge and it had a super happening restaurant on site which sat right on the water front.  From the shores of the lake you could rent boats and kayaks to use at your leisure or hop on one for a tour of the lake and/or island.   I also highly recommend walking or renting a bike and going around the entire island via the path to take in the views.  The views are BEAUTIFUL and quite peaceful.

Allow me to take you on a photo journey of Lake Bled, Slovenia.  ENJOY!!!

How many towns welcome you with views like THIS!?!?!?

The roads of Lake Bled, Slovenia are picture perfect.  Here, you can see Bled Castle on the hill

Our accommodations.  Located right on the water!

Take a stroll around the lake by foot or bicycle.  You won’t regret it!

Did I mention the views?

The lake has a small island located in it with a cute church you can row or get a ride to.

The sunset doesn’t suck either.  Quite possibly one of the most beautiful I have ever seen(and experienced) in person.

Don’t want to walk or cycle?  Sit on the edge of the water and feed the ducks or hop on a boat or kayak and enjoy Lake Bled from on the water!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Bled Castle was so much fun to explore and let me tell you about the views!!!😍

I am obsessed with doors, this one is no exception.  I felt like I travelled back in time upon entering the courtyard.

The courtyard.

Where you can also visit the gift shop and/or grab a glass of wine and sip it while taking in the view of the lake.

Said view! 😍

Another view, from INSIDE the castle this time of the other side.

The Slovenian countryside and mountains.  One word, STUNNING!

Me, doing my thing . . . ☺️📷

Peace out Bled Castle.  It’s been suuuper GRAND!!!

I WILL be back again one day, to visit the piece of my heart that I left there!❤️


I have also provided a few fun Lake Bled activity and tour links below.  Check them out! 😀

Bled eBike Tour

from: Viator

Bled Castle Tour

from: Viator

Bled Half Day Canyoning Adventure

from: Viator

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