Floating Thru Sian Ka’an, Mexico

While in Mexico this month we had the pleasure of exploring Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve.  The boat tour took us over cenotes to watch manatees play, thru crocodile infested mangroves, past partially submerged Mayan ruins and giant eagles nests perched on driftwood over the water, then to the beach and finally to a foot path that lead us to the place where we would begin our float thru a winding waterway that carried us thru its crystal clear waters and eventually put us back at our boat.

We used Diamante Maya Tours located inside the reserve.  The owner was kind and genuine.  Which is honestly hard to come by while in Mexico.  EVERYONE wants to sell you something  . . . and at the highest price possible.

Below is a video of our float down the river.  You are “supposed” to wear a lifejacket for the duration of your float but rules shmules, Jolee can swim really well and she wanted to search for treasures below the surface of the water.  It was our little secret . . . that is until I decided to post this video on the world wide web. ha ha


What did you think of the treasure Jolee found while looking for shells!?!?  It is her most prized possession now! 😀 It was TOTALLY unexpected!

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