Snacks In My Packs

“Failing to prepare, is like preparing to fail.” or something like that.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I eat clean 100% of the time while I am on vacation BUT I don’t throw everything out the window and I DO still try to eat as healthy as possible between decadent meals and desserts. 😉 I also thought it would be good to post this because I often have clients ask me what kinds of food items they should bring along on their vacations. You know who you are and I am very proud of you for being so dedicated!!!

When packing for a trip I ALWAYS pack plenty of snacks in my purse, backpack, carry on AND checked bag. I have had enough bags go missing to know better than to put everything in one place. You also never know when you will not have access to a (healthy)snack or meal while on the road or in the air.

Nuts – Good fats & filling.
Individual packs of almond butter – Perfect with apples or peanut butter.
Fruit – Such as a banana or an apple, these don’t require refrigeration.
Vegan Protein Powder – I always carry a shaker cup with me, so having protein powder handy is great because then all I need to get a hold of is some cold water!
Lenny & Larry’s cookies – loaded with protein without any of the unhealthy animal products

Travel safe and take lots of pictures!!! 😀

-The girl with the Map Tattoo

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