Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Cozumel Mexico

While in Cozumel last week I had the experience of a lifetime! Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE animal lover and major “tree hugger”. So when I learned we could be part of a team able to help local biologists & volunteers save baby sea tea turtles, I was ecstatic!!!

We worked with “Programa de proteccion Tortuga Marina”.

A few Green sea turtle facts:

  • Scientific Name: Chelonia mydas
  • Size: On *average adults are 3 to 4 feet in carapace length (83 – 114 cm). The green turtle is the largest of the Cheloniidae family.
  • Weight: Adults weigh between 240 and 420 pounds (110 – 190 kg) sometimes MORE!
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Nesting season is: Between June and September
  • Each nest contains 80-150 eggs
  • Protection status: Endangered

Several ways the Programa de proteccion Tortuga Marina helps turtles:

  • Protecting and tagging of females
  • Making sure the female turtles have a safe place to dig their nests and lay their eggs.
  • Marking and dating the nests.
  • Relocation of eggs if needed.
  • After the incubation period, the nest sites are secured to promote success from the nest to the sea. Some hatchlings who were unable to dig themselves out of the nest are manually dug out and released into the sea.
  • Collection of scientific data for conservation research.

I am sure they do much, MUCH more than what is mentioned in the article. I am simply mentioning the obvious and what I learned while I was there . . .

I hope to go back every year to help and would also love to eventually bring my daughter along to participate as well! 😀

For more information on this program click —-> HERE I found this website on the internet while doing “turtle research” for this blog. I recognized “Pantera” from the photos, so I believe it is the same organization. 😀

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