As Your Photographer

I am a self taught photographer with a HUGE passion to capture moments in life.

As a retired model I have A LOT of experience in front of the camera and have had the pleasure of being exposed to numerous talented photographers and watching how they work.   Back in my modeling days I was ALWAYS curious and intrigued with their side of the job during our shoots, frequently stopping shoots to see what they were seeing and learn why they did what they did.

My passion for the art of photography did not start there though . . . even as a young child, it was my dream to be a photographer for national geographic, a dream which has still not died.

I have taken photos professionally for:

  • My 2014 Travel calendar
  • Events – Golf tournaments, Recitals, Muscle Werks Events(including Olympia and other shows)
  • Weddings
  • Family photos
  • Birthday Parties
  • Tour Companies
  • Properties

I hope to expand my portfolio and continue developing my skills through experience, experimentation as well as more photography classes.

Please feel free to contact me via email to set up a job!

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