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As I am sure you know, I have a passion for travel.  That also includes TRAVEL PLANNING!!!😄

Let me help you plan your next trip!

Up until about 2013, I never thought about turning this passion into a “job” until a friend of mine paid me to help her book a trip to Europe.  I saved her the tedious task of figuring out the major and minor details involved with travel AND helped save her thousands(yes, I said thousands) of dollars so she insisted on paying me a “gift” and suggested I attempt to make a business out of helping others plan their trips as well. “Why not try it” I thought!

I thoroughly enjoy helping make my own dreams come true, as well as those of others!  I have spent countless hours, days and weeks planning and researching my own trips and helping other people plan theirs as well.

Whether you need help booking a flight, getting tour ideas for a specific location, budget planning, getting ideas for NEW places you many not even know exist(based upon your liking), anything you can think of or NOT think of!!!  I am your girl!!!  I have helped people plan their dream honeymoons, families make a log awaited vacation come to pass, organized a DNA trip for myself, organized wellness retreats, humanitarian trips, nature experiences, girls getaways and so much more!

I will not give you a “pre-packaged” itinerary like you might find at most bulk travel planning services.  I will put together an itinerary you will never forget!   A one of a kind, personalized dream trip, even better than you ever imagined it could be!  The best part is that it might not cost you an arm and a leg either as I pride myself in being able to find excellent deals!

I am also not only limited to the places I have visited, I have poured many, MANY weeks worth of hours into researching and planning future trips that I have not yet taken and I also have connections nearly all over the world to help make trips possible.  Of course, if I do not feel comfortable planning a trip to a particular location I would most certainly be honest with you and tell you I do not feel qualified in planning your trip to that particular area.

I do not have a set fee for my services.  I mostly work off of passion and donations to date, though that will be changing soon.  I accept  a $75 deposit for my services  prior to the travel planning commencing and then a donation of any size once your trip has been booked to be paid within 24 hours of receiving your final itinerary.  Of course I welcome souvenirs after the dream trip has taken place. 😉

Did I mention that I tend to save people a TON of money?!?!?!  That alone should be reason enough to let me plan your next trip. 😉



What people say that have used my travel help:

Up, up & away!

“Hilda is amazing in planning fun trips! I’m excited that I finally get to join her on our upcoming hot air balloon ride. I know Hilda is an experienced traveler so I took comfort in knowing that she had picked a great company to do our hot air balloon ride and putting it all together. She also had great suggestions and what to wear and bring which helped me prepare the trip. I will definitely have Hilda help me plan all my future trips!”

– Yariana

Australian Adventure

“I had the opportunity of traveling on business to Sydney, Australia with Hilda. We were there for only 8 days, which is pretty short considering the subtracted days of the flight to get there and the time change, but she made it an unforgettable trip. We had to work indoors at a convention for 3 of the days, and attend dinners and parties that accompanied as well– so this only left a few days for us to really explore. Wow, did she plan some great experiences! Because of the lack of time we did a hop-on-hop-off bus tour to explore as many beaches and surroundings as we could. It even started to rain a bit, but her enthusiasm to explore was contagious and of course we walked around and went from beach to beach in the rain. We went on an amazing hike and wildlife tour that allowed us to be one-on-one with native Australian animals, ride the steepest train the world and meet some great people. From this tour we made it just in time to go see a play at the Sydney Opera House to get the full cultural effect. I feel really fortunate to have had a tour guide and trip planner like Hilda, because I would have never taken the time to really find great site seeing experiences like she planned and never thought it would be possible to see THAT much in such a short amount of time. I always say she is the best travel buddy and travel planner out there.”

Help for Miiiiles

“I have had a miles credit card for 11 years that I always used to get these miles that I never knew how to access. My daughter moved to Austria and I was really excited when I realized how many miles I had actually racked up over the years. I had asked a few friends and family members to help me use them (I am not good with anything that has to do with computers or online booking at all) and either they couldn’t figure it out or said it was not possible to use my miles for this trip. I asked multiple people and I kept getting the same response. I finally asked Hilda because she has been a long time friend and client of mine and I know that she always likes to travel. She found flights and had them booked for myself and my husband using my miles within less that 2 hours. She is really amazing. I am so thankful that she was able to help me because I want to go visit my daughter more and more and I know how easy and possible it is now that I have the help of Hilda.”
– Martha

European Travel Testimonial

Well, once again, Hilda exceeded my expectations. I recently moved to Europe and had my parents out for a trip. Since I have only lived here for 3 months, there was still so much I hadn’t seen, so of course I wasn’t sure where we should stay or what we should do. Hilda booked 2 amazing hotels for us, one in Prague and one in Vienna, and also booked a really eye opening and interesting tour for us at the Terezin Prison and Jewish Ghetto, right outside of Prague. Even though she had not been to these places herself, she really chose great hotels! They were in our price range, met all of our requirements (parking, breakfast, etc.) and were also walking distance to the center of the towns we were visiting! Hilda is my go-to person for booking flights, hotels and recommending great attractions. I trust her judgement and recommendations 100% and look forward to future travels knowing that I am in good hands.

family photo for hilda

Road trippin’ thru the USA

Thank you again because of your help we had a wonderful trip. I def hope to plan more with you next summer and I’ve told some friends how great you were so maybe i’ll get you some others. I’ll try to check out your blog and site to see whats new. Thanks again! We really did have a blast. It would have been completely different without your help Hilda, you definitely got the ball rolling and you were great. Thank again =) You’re great!

T T3T2


Aloha from Hawaii

Hilda was so helpful booking our trip to Maui. We are a family of 4 and have never traveled by plane with our kids. Hilda put all of our worries at ease and got us thee best deals on our rental car, condo, plane tickets. She even educated us on how long before we needed to be at the airport because some airlines require you to be there 1 hour to 2 hours for check in and of course we wouldn’t know that. This was our first vacation in 8 years. Hilda gave us piece of mind and was only a phone call away if we needed her. I was so impressed I had Hilda book my business trip to Scotland this Feb. and once again she was amazing and helped me understand my flights etc. There are so many rules to travel these days such as size of your carry on and TSA guidelines so it wasn’t so stressful having Hilda get my tickets and confirmations and she even helped me in going to the correct place to get my passport because some international flights require you have a passport number before you can even book your flight and passports can take 2 weeks to get back so Hilda was on top of it and prompt with responses.

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