World Worth

My love for the world and everything in it is just about as vast as our beautiful planet itself!  I find GREAT joy in learning about new cultures, experiencing new places and helping people, animals and our earth along the way.

One of my favorite types of travel is volunteer travel. Such as the volunteer trips I take with my dad every January.  This one was 2013 —-> New year = New Hope, it was organized 100% by me and my family.  I get immense satisfaction and joy from immersing myself in a culture, learning about their way of life and seeing life through their perspective, while contributing in any way I can to make their days or lives better.  It is such a rewarding and enlightening experience.


Weighing and bagging food to give to the needy and orphanages

In addition to helping humankind, I also greatly enjoy joining in conservation projects to help our planet and the delicate ecosystem we so often take for granted.  One of my most memorable experiences to date is working with a team of biologists in Cozumel Mexico helping to save baby sea turtles. An experience I will never forget and hope to participate in again one day.


One of the babies we dug up and set free into the Caribbean sea

Of course I thoroughly enjoy adventure travel and am undoubtably a thrill seeker at heart but I can honestly say that my love for people, animals and our planet takes up equal space in my heart to my daredevil nature.  I often donate to organizations like World wildlife fund, Monterey bay aquarium, National Wildlife Federation, Kiva, Project Aware and more.

If you operate a non-profit organization you think I may want to be a part of please feel free to contact me via a comment here or a personal message at,  I am always looking for opportunities to get out there and help! 😀

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