Laugarvatn Fontana

TweetDuring our last 2 days in Iceland, after completing our road trip around the island via the ring road, a friend of mine told me about a lesser known(than the blue lagoon) but also super great geothermal bath house, Fontana.  With only 2 days left and a ton of places left to experience, I knew we…

Decisions, Decisions . . . .

TweetSoooo we are trying to figure out where to go in October/November and we are getting nowhere fast. We are embarking on a family trip(plus my dad) and have narrowed it down to Mexico, the Bahamas, Iceland aaaand we just threw Sri Lanka and Borneo into the mix to make things more complicated.  

Cloud 9, Fiji

TweetWhere do I even begin with how GREAT this place was!?!?  First I can tell you that the boat ride there is a reasonable distance.  Not too far(about 45 minutes) and very beautiful along the way which makes it go by much faster.

Scuba Diving with Bahama Divers

TweetJust when I thought my love for scuba diving couldn’t get any greater, I scheduled a dive with Bahama Divers and was quickly proved wrong.

Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Cozumel Mexico

TweetWhile in Cozumel last week I had the experience of a lifetime! Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE animal lover and major “tree hugger”. So when I learned we could be part of a team able to help local biologists & volunteers save baby sea tea turtles, I was ecstatic!!! We worked…