3 Places to visit where the US dollar will go far

Mexico Mexico has always been one of my favorite destinations and the fact that it is so inexpensive helps to make it a more realistic goal year after year.  I know that most of my readers are American and lucky for us, we can fly to Mexico from pretty much anywhere in the USA for fairly…

Ba Be Lake, Vietnam

Magical. That is how I would describe Ba Be national Park in one word. I have had the privilege of visiting MANY countries, national park and lakes but NONE have touched my soul like this one did. Being with my best friend, having incredible private guides and perfect weather I am sure contributed to the…

I’m going to Vietnam!!!

After years of daydreaming and saving, I am FINALLY heading to Vietnam!!!  When I say saving, I mean racking up travel points on my credit card. 😀 Please follow and like us:

How can I afford to Travel?

The answer is simple.  I really can’t but I am smart about how I do things AND I am also fortunate in that work takes me to some places I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, like Australia. Please follow and like us: