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Protected: Mystery Destination Details

Protected: Mystery Destination Details

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Wonders of Egypt

Wonders of Egypt

Who’s ready for a taste of Egypt!?!?!? Join us for a whirlwind experience of a lifetime in a land rich in history, culture, nature, adventure and delicious food! Let’s explore, relax, adventure and step out of our comfort zones together! Let’s breath in the sights, […]

Ecuador – The Nature & Adventure Lovers DREAM

Ecuador – The Nature & Adventure Lovers DREAM


When we hear of Ecuador, most of us instantly think of the pristine Galapagos islands, I know I do. The truth is though, there is SO much more to this amazing country than you may realize and I have done you a favor by laboriously combing through the endless possibilities of MUST see/do activities and experiences in Ecuador to bring you an adventure filled retreat that won’t break the bank! There IS an optional Galapagos extension for this trip, but it is NOT required.

Join me for an epic adventure retreat loaded with mindful, empowering experiences to ignite mind, body & soul!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty.
The details!

DATES: June 9th – 17th 2020 (8 nights)


June 9th – Check into accommodations in Quito. Meet your fellow travelers, mingle, rest up.

A lively, clean & bright place to lay our heads.

June 10th – Board the Wanderlust Bus at 6am in route to Banos. With stops for breakfast and lunch. As well as stops at Cotopaxi National Park, home to one of the world’s highest active volcanos and Quilotoa, a 1.8mile wide turquoise volcanic crater lake. I plan on leading a guided meditation at one of the two locations.

The Famous Cotopaxi Volcano
Quilotoa Crater Lake

June 10th – Check into accommodations in Banos. The town known as “The gateway to the Amazon”

A very highly rated spot with breakfast available for only $3.50 per person!

June 11th – Visit the famous Banos Tree House and swing. If you missed my Bali retreat but followed along online, and wished you had come just to go on a Bali swing, you have NOT missed your opportunity for an EPIC swing. This is it right here, “the swing at the end of the world”, as it is known. Time TBD and the rest of the day will be free to venture into the amazon rainforest, rappel a waterfall, zip line, shop, soak in the thermal pools or anything else you can dream up!

La Cas del Arbo – AKA The Tree House
Ok, who’s in!?!?!?

June 12th – FREE DAY. With SOOOOOO much to do in Banos, I wanted to give you the freedom to choose whatever your heart desires.
I will personally be doing the Ruta de las cascades (aka waterfall route tour) in the morning, departing at 10am and you are TOTALLY welcome to join me! It is a tour that takes you along a 10 mile route via open air bus or bicycle to almost a dozen waterfalls! As a waterfall chaser, theres no doubt I will be taking in these falls. Later in the day there will be a volunteer opportunity to give back to the beautiful children in the community we are so blessed to be able to visit from 4:30-6:00pm. This service project may consist of time helping the children with activities such as art, music, dance, theater, games, yoga, science experiments, games, and cooking. All will be dependent on our groups skills. I would love it if you wrapped up your day in time to join me for this giving experience. If you do not wish to participate, perhaps you can bring a few clothing items in your suitcase to donate(any size/gender) to the charity shop they have.

I mean, need I say more? This is one of the waterfall stops.
Video below. It’s hard to find a super high quality video of this waterfall but you get the idea.
Out of this world National Parks
If there are waterfalls to be chased, I will chase them!
Suspension bridges, viewing platforms, etc.

June 13th – Depart Banos and head back to Quito for one night. Evening at leisure. Optional guided meditation to end the day.

June 14th – Depart for Bellavista Cloud Forest at 6:15am. Breakfast, lunch & dinner included at the lodge. Guided forest hikes with naturalist exploring the secrets of the cloud forest. Evening yoga and/or meditation practice in the incredible observation deck.

Cloud forest dreams come true here.
A bird watchers paradise

June 15th – Breakfast and lunch included. Option to continue hiking with our naturalist guide or choose to relax back at the lodge. Depart Bellavista cloud forest and head back to Quito. Check in to accommodations in Quito. Evening at leisure. Visit the equator at the middle of the world, enjoy a yoga practice, Go to dinner and a Jacchigua show, jump in on a food walking tour or whatever your heart desires.

No hiking? No problem!
Relax at the

June 16th – Depart accommodations at 8am for a Papallacta Hot Springs & Spa day trip, located in the high andes mountains. Be ready to awaken your sense with this essential holistic experience! Evening at leisure. Enjoy a restorative yoga practice with me or feel free to explore the city with a new friend from the retreat!

Ahhhh-mazing thermal pools with soothing shower fixtures!!!
Just when you thought this place didn’t get any better . . . it does.

June 17th – Say good bye for now to each other and Ecuador! Our time has come to an end.

Who is this trip for?

The Adventure Seeker
The Nature Lover
The Budget Traveler
The Free Bird
The Open Minded
The Bucketlist Slayer
The Wellness Warrior
The Holistic Human
The Humanitarian


Prices are per person, based on shared occupancy.

Price “A” is based upon a group size of 8 travelers. You are NOT responsible for this, however, if you’d like to invite your friends, please feel free!

Price “B” is based upon a groups size of 6 travelers. I suggest planning this amount into your budget in the event that we only get 6 sign ups. If we get 8 though, then consider the difference your extra spending money, or the down payment to your next trip. Yayyyy!

Total Cost:

A – $1,237 Per Person

B- $1,449 Per Person

$533 non refundable deposit required to reserve your spot.
Limited spaces available so reserve your spot TODAY!

Payment Plan:
* Deposit(non-refundable): A & B $533
* Payment 1: A & B $458
Payment 1 due not later than December 1st 2019
* Payment 2: A $246 B $458
Payment 2 due no later than March 1st 2020


Want to go but don’t have a roomie? Let me know and maybe I can room you with another solo traveler!

What is Included:

* Accommodations for 8 nights
* Transportation – to Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, Banos(Round Trip), Bellavista Cloud Forest Accommodations(Round Trip), Papallacta Hot Springs(Round Trip)
* Breakfast on 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th(depending on the time of your departure flight)
* Lunch on the 14th & 15th
* Dinner on the 14th
* Tour CotoPaxi
* Tour Quilotoa
* Naturalist guided hikes at Bellavista Cloud Forest and access to 700 hectare reserve
* Papallacta entrance and access to jetted thermal pools & polar pool
* Yoga and Meditation Practice where mentioned above
* Tree House swing ride
* Volunteer opportunity

What is Not Included:

* International Airfare
* Travel insurance(required)
* Souvenirs
* Passports & visas(if applicable)
* Vaccines if applicable
* Transportation not mentioned above
* Meals not mentioned above
* Massages & additional spa services at Papallacta
* Tips/Gratuities
* Tours/Activities not mentioned above
* Yoga Mat

I’m Ready!!!! Click —> HERE <— to step outside of your comfort zone!

DISCLOSURE: This itinerary is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as unpredictable weather, tour company/hotel issues or errors or any other factors outside of my control. I always strive for the best possible experience and will substitute anything that must be changed with something equally or even more awesome!

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Mystery Destination

Mystery Destination

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Where I have been

Where I have been

I have had quite a few people ask me where I have been so I thought it would be convenient if I just had it all written down in one place. 

I started traveling at a young age but as an adult, I went through “spurts” of travel depending on what was going on in my life.

Recently though(over the past 9 years), I have been fervorously checking off bucket list item!

States I have visited:

  1. California – born and raised
  2. Hawaii – lived here for nearly 5 years – Mostly Maui, some time on Oahu & Kauai as well
  3. Colorado – lived here for 1 year
  4. New Mexico
  5. Texas
  6. Arizona
  7. Utah
  8. Montana
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Rhode Island
  12. Washington State
  13. Oregon
  14. Nevada
  15. Alaska
  16. Wyoming
  17. Georgia
  18. Illinois
  19. Florida
  20. Iowa
  21. Minnesota

Countries I have visited:

  1. USA – Born and raised!
  2. Mexico – around 19 times. Yes, I LOVE Mexico.
  3. Costa Rica – 3 times
  4. Honduras
  5. Spain – 2 times
  6. Italy – 2 times
  7. France
  8. Greece
  9. Macedonia
  10. Canada
  11. Monaco – technically a sovereign city-state
  12. Vaticany City – technically a sovereign city-state
  13. Austria
  14. Belize
  15. Australia
  16. Vietnam
  17. China
  18. Icealnd
  19. Bahamas
  20. Fiji
  21. Slovenia
  22. Romania
  23. Croatia
  24. Turkey
  25. Madagascar
  26. Peru
  27. Indonesia(Bali)
  28. Malaysia(Borneo)

Continents I have visited:

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Europe
  4. Asia
  5. Australia
  6. Africa

Just ONE more continent left, Antarctica!!! It also happens to be the place I want to visit MOST for so many reasons!

I haven’t even begun to touch the tip of the iceberg of places I would like to visit! Sometimes I feel like I am just getting started.

Thank you for deciding to follow us(me & Jolee) on our journeys. We hope to possibly even MEET YOU on on of our group trips one day!

I would love to hear about YOUR favorite destinations and why you love them so much, so please feel free to comment here with stories and photos of your trips!

Keep wandering,


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