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Costa Rica February 2020

Costa Rica February 2020

February 16th – 22nd 2020 It looks like I am going back to Costa Rica for the 4th time! 😱 Mostly because Jolee is begging me to take her AND because a couple of my favorite people on the planet are wanting to go and […]

The Holy Land

The Holy Land

JESUS WALKS PLUS THE DEAD SEA & SURROUNDING AREA June 9th-17th 2020 – 8 nights & 9 days ONLY 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE! Registration closes when spots fill or on August 1st 2019, whichever comes first. DAY 1 June 9th – Arrive in Tel Aviv & […]

A 10 year old with a mission

A 10 year old with a mission

If you are new to my blog, allow me to introduce you to my daughter Jolee. She is my pride and joy.

When she was 5 years old, she learned what the word endangered meant. She realized that one of her favorite animal was critically endangered and was moved by this realization. She HAD to help!!! In her 5 years on this planet she had heard me talk about different species being critically endanger or having gone extinct all together but I think this was the moment when it really clicked in her mind, she understood what that word meant and she asked me to help her raise money to donate to “saving sea turtles”.

We created an online campaign selling t-shirts and she raised about $300, which she split between 2 organizations.

Below is the video she attached to her original seat turtle campaign.

Sooo cute right/!?!?! How cold you not buy a shirt!?!??

This year, she has asked me to help her launch another campaign to help Amur leopards. Of course, I was more than happy to help her launch this campaign to help these critically endangered big cats. She chose to donate 100% of the proceeds to WWF(World Wildlife Fund) at the end of this campaign.

She designed almost every aspect of this shirt, the styles, the colors, the font, the art, almost everything.

A little about Amur Leopards . . . they are known as one of the RAREST cats on earth and are native to southeast Russia and northern China where only an estimated 82 are estimated to exist in the wild!

This leopard species is rapidly approaching extinction due to deforestation, poaching and development projects. A single amur skin/fur/pelt goes for as much as $1000 on the black market and agricultural deforestation burns approximately 20% of these animals habitat every single year! World Wildlife Fund is working on establishing anti-poaching teams in the region and they need our help!

Would you consider donating to this cause? If you are unable to purchase a shirt or donate funds yourself, will you share this campaign with your friends and family in the event that they might be able to help?

Check out her campaign —> HERE

Past Group Trips

Past Group Trips

Iceland – March 2014 Napa – April 2014 Yosemite X’s 5 – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Peru – November 2018 Bali – February 2019 Borneo – February 2019 Pacifica – April 2019 Lake Tahoe – June 2019 Feel free to check out my […]

Protected: Mystery Destination Details

Protected: Mystery Destination Details

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Mystery Destination

Mystery Destination

This is a trip I have been wanting to go on since 2007!!! Quick math, 12 YEARS!!!

I will not be sharing the location of this trip openly because I want serious inquiries ONLY and this trip is geared towards a VERY specific type of traveler, so I am going to be very picky about who comes with us.

If you like . . .

  • Nature. Lots of it!
  • Adventure
  • WAY off the beaten path destinations
  • Wildlife
  • Raw experiences
  • Truly unique destinations
  • Fairytale like landscapes
  • Seclusion
  • Untouched, wild environments
  • Life changing experiences
  • Conservation tourism

Then this trip is for you!

If the above type of adventure is right up your alley, and you are available to travel between February 2020 AND November 2020 for approximately 6-9 days(excluding travel days), please fill out the form below.

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If you are a right fit, I will send you more information when it is ready to be shared, be sure to include your IG handle or email in question number 4.

PS – We will be staying in decent accommodations. We won’t be totally exposed to the elements and roughing it too, too bad.

Where I have been

Where I have been

I have had quite a few people ask me where I have been so I thought it would be convenient if I just had it all written down in one place.  I started traveling at a young age but as an adult, I went through […]

Mexico 2019 – 1 Room Left

Mexico 2019 – 1 Room Left

Thank you for your interest in joining me in Mexico on this special adventure!!! The part of this trip that excites me the most is our opportunity to be HANDS ON in sea turtle conservation, alongside passionate marine biologists and volunteers.  We will LITERALLY get […]

Madagascar 2020

Madagascar 2020


I am SO excited to share what we have in store for this once in a lifetime Madagascar adventure!  

Most of my group trips are to places I’ve never been, mostly because I don’t like going to the same place twice with so much amazing world left to explore. . . . unless, it’s a place like this. 

No place on planet earth so far(besides Iceland) has captured me the way Madagascar did and I’d return to this magical place over & over again. It’s friendly people, diverse landscapes, pristine beaches and unique wildlife, literally make it a place like NO OTHER on earth! Madagascar truly is on of the last pure places on earth and I hope you join me on this special journey.

I liken it to feeling like you are on a National Geographic expedition with wild locations, super knowledgable guides with hearts for conservation and a hint of luxury!

Important note, this lodge has a limited number of eco-luxury tree houses in total. There are only 6 tree houses available(Jolee & I are taking the 7th).

Tree houses will be given to the FIRST 6 individuals/pairs/families to put down their deposits. ONLY 3 LEFT!

So let’s get to the nitty gritty. 

Dates: July 28th – August 5th 2020

What’s Included:

• 1 night(the first night) in Antananarivo 

• Hotel transfers from TNR to the hotel

• Hotel transfers the next morning from the hotel back to the airport where we will catch out private charter flights to Maroantsetra(the views are AMAZING) 

• Private charter flight from Antananarivo to Maroantsetra

• Roundtrip road transfers in Maroantsetra (airport to boat, boat to airport)

• Boat transfers from Maroantsetra to Masoala forest lodge located inside Masoala national park. It’s quite an adventure to arrive to this pristine place.  

• Pit stop on a beautiful uninhabited island(Nosy mangabe) on the way to the lodge where we will have lunch and hike with our own private guide. When I went last year I saw sooooooo many humpback whales during this boat journey that I couldn’t stop crying. It was as if they were playing with us! 😭😭😭

• 7 nights/8 days accommodations at Masoala forest lodge

• National Park entrance fees for every day of the stay

• Private guide for every day of the stay

• ALL meals

• All non-alcoholic drinks at Masoala Forest Lodge 

• MFL’s homemade flavored rums and other local spirits 

• Night hikes to look for nocturnal wildlife

• Day hikes in the primary forest where we will see wildlife found ONLY in Madagascar, nowhere else on planet earth(except a zoo). 

• Snorkel tours

• Daytrip waterfall hike(Antalavia cascades)

• Village visits 

• Sunset cruise on the sailing pirogue 

• River swim 

• Outrigger canoe tours or kayak tours through the mangroves 

• Kayak tours in search of close encounters with humpback whales & sea turtles, private beaches(truly private) and desert islands 

• One free massage per person

• Beach bon fires 

• 5 yoga practices

• A traditional music-dance performance by the local community 

• Laundry service

• Relaxing on the deck or beach is also always an option

• Return boat transfer to Maroantsetra

• Return flight from Maroantsetra to Antananarivo 


WHOA! That’s a lot right?!?! 😃

The lodge will also set up special events for people for an additional fee. Such as private candlelit dinners, etc. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything! 🙂

NOT included: International airfare



Travel insurance(required)

Hotel accommodation after arrival back in Antananarivo should you wish to stay longer



Baggage fees depending on the airline(some give you two free bags)

Taxi from charter airport to international airport on August 5th 2020

Now prices, cause that’s what you’re all really waiting for. 

NOTE!!!!!!! These prices MAY(most likely) go DOWN depending on group size, I have prices set for the minimum sized group. They would decrease between $132.87- $265.74 per adult or $66.72 – $133.44 per child should we hit the next tier in our group size. All rooms can accommodate between 1-4 people. 1-3 adults or 2 adults & 2 children. 

Price Per Person:

Adult sharing $3731.05

Child sharing $2474.17

Adult single occupancy $4481.68

• Payments plans below •

For those who are traveling alone who do NOT wish to pay the single occupancy rate, I’d be more than happy to pair you up with someone of the same sex and turn you both into a double occupancy rate.



Non-refundable deposit of $747 due IMMEDIATELY to reserve your spot.

Payment 1 of $596.81 due on June 27th 2019 

Payment 2 of $596.81 due on September 27th 2019

Payment 3 of $596.81 due on December 27th 2019

Payment 4 of $596.81 due on March 27th 2020

Payment 5 of $596.81 due on May 27th 2020


Non-refundable deposit of $495 due IMMEDIATELY to reserve your spot.

Payment 1 of $395.83 due on June 27th 2019

Payment 2 of $395.83 due on September 27th 2019

Payment 3 of $395.83 due on December 27th 2019

Payment 4 of $395.82 due on March 27th 2020

Payment 5 of $395.82 due on May 27th 2020


Non-refundable deposit of $897 due IMMEDIATELY to reserve your spot.

Payment 1 of $716.94 due on June 27th 2019

Payment 2 of $716.94 due on September 27th 2019

Payment 3 of $716.94 due on December 27th 2019

Payment 4 of $716.93 due on March 27th 2020

Payment 5 of $716.93 due on May 27th 2020

To book please request a booking form and waiver and I will send them over to you along with a payment link. 🙂 I look forward to spending time with you in this tropical EDEN. 

Feel free to send over ANY questions you may have. I’d be happy to answer them.  

With Gratitude,

Hilda Castillo-Landrum 

Your “ride” to/from the lodge. INCLUDED in the price. The views are AMAZING!
Room with a hammock AND an ocean front view.
That is ALSO surrounded by rainforest and unique wildlife.
Imagine stepping out onto your deck to this every morning?
Seriously my ideal place.
I always have a hard time choosing between the jungle and the ocean.
Here, you don’t have to.
Breakfast with a view
One of the few places on earth where YOU might discover a new species!
Pristine wildlife sightings in and out of the water