Group Trips (Experiences)

Group Trips (Experiences)

Do you have a passion to travel but just don’t know how to go about planning the “perfect trip”?

Or maybe you have the resources to travel and a dreamy bucket list but you don’t want to travel alone?

Well, your search has finally come to an end! Your True Nature group experiences are just what you have been looking for!

What are Your True Nature Experiences?

Bespoke trips to INCREDIBLE destinations; for everyday people who dream of a wildly adventurous life and crave more out the human experience. Designed for people who seek to dive deeper into their destination and have a true travel experience, versus just “going on a trip“. Designed for people just like YOU.

If you are you ready to dive deeper into your destination and deeper into yourself, I invite you to join us! Arrive a stranger and leave a friend.

Each of my experiences (trips) is curated to make for the most authentic experience for that particular location. You can expect a combination of some of the following on each of my group experiences; breathtaking nature immersion opportunities, opportunities for human connection, thrilling adventures, mindfulness practices, opportunities for relaxation, cultural experiences by way of cuisine, village visits, local exploration and/or volunteering, conservation tourism, spontaneous exploration, forest bathing & more. All in MIND BLOWING destinations.

Come just as you are and leave renewed, refreshed, alive, grateful, overflowing, present, satisfied, ignited, fulfilled, happy, and at peace.

If not now, when?

Don’t wait for “a special occasion” to travel, being alive IS the special occasion! You don’t want to end up looking back at your life one day, wishing you had taken the trip, done the deep work on your inner self and experienced more out of this gift of life we have been given. We were not born to pay bills and then die!

YOUR true nature awaits!!!

All of my trips are password protected, feel free to request a trips password by contacting me via email ( or leaving a comment on that trips post. In most cases, you will have the password in your inbox within 72 hours. The only time it may take longer is if I am traveling and out of service.

Click —-> HERE to find out about upcoming group trips and how YOU can join us! I hope our paths cross on one of my upcoming adventures!?!