Group Experiences (Trips)

Group Experiences (Trips)

Do you have a passion to travel but just don’t know how to go about planning the “perfect trip”?

Or maybe you have the resources to travel and a dreamy bucket list but you don’t want to travel alone?

Well, your search has finally come to an end! World Worth Wandering Group Experiences are just what you have been looking for!

What are World Worth Wandering Group Experiences?

Bespoke trips to INCREDIBLE destinations; for everyday people who dream of a wildly adventurous life and crave more out the human experience. Designed for people who seek to dive deeper into their destination and have a true travel experience, versus just “going on a trip“. Designed for people just like YOU. Keep reading because there IS a MAJOR “twist” to my trips!

Each of my experiences is curated to make for the most unique and authentic experience available in that particular location. You can expect a combination of some of the following on each of my group experiences; breathtaking nature immersion opportunities (in the water and on land . . . sometimes even my air), opportunities for meaningful human connection, thrilling adventures, opportunities that stretch & challenge you, mindfulness practices/therapies, relaxation, cultural immersions, stepping back in time (history), volunteering, spontaneous exploration & more. All in MIND BLOWING, BUCKET-LIST destinations & all under the mindful consideration of keeping the experience sustainable and eco minded. No two places are the same, therefore, no two trips will ever be the same. I don’t repeat any of my trips. You get one shot to come and that’s it. I also don’t disclose the location to anyone except those who are coming with me.

The “twist” . . . ALL of my trips are a mystery until you sign up! Imagine The Amazing Race, except you don’t have to wait to find out the destination until the day of departure, you get to find out within a few days AFTER signing up for the trip with your deposit AND you aren’t competing for 1 million dollars. As far as I know, I am the FIRST group trip hostess to offer these types of experiences. I believe there are a couple of companies that will plan mystery trips for you, then you off on your own to embark on your trip. I have yet to learn about any other offerings like mine. Where the planner/hostess joins you on the adventure, to help facilitate more than just “a trip”. I aim to help facilitate life enhancing opportunities in a community setting, that is why I call them “group experiences“, NOT “group trips“. Plus, I have been told that me coming along, adds a sense of comfort, amidst so much unknown.

How does it work? Well, you fill out the TWO inquiry forms —> HERE & —-> HERE first. If I feel you would be a great fit for one of my trips, I will send you the password to the appropriate trip so you can access some basic information, such as dates, weather, cost, payment plans and some photos that might give you hints as to where it is we might be going. Some places are harder to keep vague than others. . . . You have a couple of days to think about if you want to join us or not, If you decide that you want to take the leap, you pay the deposit and within 72 hours you will have a waiver in your inbox with the destination revealed! Seriously the ULTIMATE adventure travel experience! I am also available to help you book your flights if needed.

If you are you ready to explore an AMAZING & unknown destinations and also explore unknown parts of yourself, I invite you to join us! We always arrive as stranger and leave as friends, that fact is one of my favorite parts of these trips.

So come just as you are and leave renewed, refreshed, alive, grateful, overflowing, present, satisfied, ignited, fulfilled, happy, and at peace.

If not now, when?

Don’t wait for “a special occasion” to travel, being alive IS the special occasion! I know that none of us want to look back at our lives one day and wish we had said yes to experiencing more of this gift of life we had been given. We were not born to pay bills and then die!

We truly live in a World Worth Wandering. Lets go!!!

If you have filled out the inquiry forms and you have not heard back from me within 1 week, it could be that I am traveling and out of service. Be patient, you will hear back from me.

Click —-> HERE for a sneak peek at what I have lined up for 2023 & 2024! I only host TWO mystery experiences per year. The first one that I have scheduled for 2023 sold out in 5 days (the waitlist is open)! The second one I launched for 2023 sold out in just one day!!! The wait-list is also open for that trip. I will be hosting TWO mystery experiences (trips) in 2024. Applications will open in early 2023 for those two trips. Make sure to fill out the inquiry forms above, to be kept in the loop when those details and registration open up! The spots go fast, so get on the list so you don’t miss out.

I hope our paths cross one day on one of my upcoming adventures!?!

Not quite ready for a Mystery Experience yet but still want to go on an adventure? Check out my sister site “Into the Wild Experiences” for a variety of shorter, closer (domestic) trips that fit right into any budget!