Group Experiences (Trips)

Group Experiences (Trips)

Welcome! I am so glad you are here! 🙂

After many years of curating trips that cater to newer travelers – by revisiting popular destinations that I’ve already visited (like Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Italy, etc.), in an effort to help new/er travelers dip their toes into “easy” locations for their first trips, hosting yoga retreats, and even doing what no other group trip leader has EVER done by hosting trips to MYSTERY destinations (my last mystery trips will be in 2024); I decided that I am going back to my roots. To the type of travel that sparked this whole “group trip” thing almost 12 years ago! The type of travel that started with me going to THE COOLEST PLACES ON EARTH, people seeing my photos on my blog and social media and sending me messages saying “pack me in your suitcase next time”, “I had no idea ________ existed, I wish I could’ve gone” or “bring me with you next time”. I am going back to checking destinations/experiences off of my own personal bucket list, which has been on the back burner for a while now because I have spent the past 3-4 years, mostly focusing on taking people to their bucket-list destinations. Which has been an honor and a very special opportunity. It is very rewarding to be a part of helping people realize their dreams. My time of leading these types trips has come to an end now though.

This does NOT mean that my group trips are over. This only means that the way that people are able to travel with me has evolved once again. So, that being said, you are still more than welcome to join me but you HAVE to enjoy far flung destinations, have a super adventurous spirit and be able to release your desire to control everything and everyone – because these trips are not for control freaks. My favorite kind of travel includes figuring out where I want to go, seeing when it will work with my schedule, buying a planet ticket, booking a “home base” (or two) in that country to sleep/relax in and then just seeing where the wind takes me once I arrive (for the most part)! I’ll maybe book a couple tours but I mostly leave room for life and experiences to unfold organically. In my 40+ years of travel, I have learned that sometimes, minimal plans can turn into the best experiences! I am going back to how I ran my first few group trips 12 years ago (& a couple more recent ones). With a loose plan, a lot of flexibility and an even greater sense of adventure! There’s room for MAGICAL moments to take place when you don’t plan EVERY. . . single . . . detail. My favorite experiences are almost always the ones I didn’t expect. You can’t really have those if you have every single day planned down to the minute.

So what exactly are World Worth Wandering Group Experiences NOW?

If you are reading this, they are likely opportunities for people just like YOU!

They are bespoke trips to INCREDIBLE bucket-list destinations; for people who dream of a wildly adventurous life and crave more out of the human experience. Designed for people who seek to dive deeper into their destination and have a true travel experience, versus just “going on a trip“. They are ORIGINAL & IMMERSIVE travel experiences, NOT “copy and paste” trips. I’ve had people join me on past trips, only to copy my exact itineraries and claim them as their own. There is none of that here. You can rest assured that you are getting a unique, one of a kind experience on one of my trips. <3

I am no longer curating trips with super detailed itineraries that fit into a box, that style of travel doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity. That is not what travel is all about (in my opinion). You can’t experience the full richness of the travel experience if you are planning every single detail of every single day – or even worse, just doing what everyone else is doing. So what can you expect? You CAN expect to go to MIND BLOWING, BUCKET-LIST destinations, you CAN expect breathtaking nature immersion opportunities (in the water, on land and sometimes by air), opportunities for meaningful human connection, thrilling adventures, experiences that stretch & challenge you, opportunities for total relaxation/bliss, cultural immersions, to be in the company of a like minded small group of people, to step back in time (history), to possibly volunteer, enjoy spontaneous exploration & more. All under the mindful consideration of keeping the experience sustainable and eco minded. To give you an even better idea of the types of places that might still be left on my list, I’ll share some of the places I have already checked off of my bucket-list (or are already booked in early 2023 and about to be checked off in the next few months). Iceland, Madagascar, Fiji, French Polynesia, Borneo, Vietnam, Chile – Atacama & Patagonia region (coming up January 2023), Israel & Jordan (coming up April 2024) & another one that I also have booked for July 2023 but will not be sharing the destination until after I return home from that trip.

What you should not expect by deciding to join me on a trip to my bucket list destinations? Well, you won’t be going to Bali, Cancun or Paris that’s for sure. You can also expect to not know exact hotel names, tour company names, rental company names, etc. Googling the heck out of your hotel or destination takes the magic out of the experience verses getting to see it with fresh eyes when you first arrive. If I wasn’t the one planning the trip, I wouldn’t want to Google ahead of time. You can trust that I will NOT steer you wrong. I don’t want to stay in a cockroach infested hotel either, so rest assured that I wouldn’t book a junky place for us on any of my bucket-list trips. You can ALSO expect to not receive a detailed price breakdown for your trip. Of course you’ll know EXACTLY how much you’ll be paying for the trip but it won’t come in the form of a dollar by dollar breakdown (none of my group trips have ever provided that actually). Anyone who came to French Polynesia or Ireland with me will know exactly what I mean by this because both of those trips were run pretty much the same way. You can request a basic receipt for what you’ve paid into the trip – I’m happy to create and send that to you but it won’t be itemized. 🙂 Remember that you are joining me as travel buddies to my dream destination, not as guests on a business transaction. Therefore, expecting me to create extra work for myself, in addition to all of the research I am already pouring into planning and booking these trips for all of us (like creating detailed receipts, detailed itineraries, emailing you all hotel/tour/car info, etc.) would most definitely take the fun out of this experience for me and it’s not going to happen. Remember, this is what I do with my life, I plan and embark on epic trips! This is not my first rodeo (it’s more like my 250th). Trust that this trip IS going to be amazing, you just need to step out in faith. If you like to know every detail, every step of the way, every hotel, my travel planning services would be a much better fit for you. For that, we work TOGETHER to curate your dream trip. 🙂

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question): Do you have to be a seasoned traveler to join me on one of these BUCKET-LIST trips? Absolutely not. I am a seasoned traveler and since I am planning this trip, you don’t need to have a lot of prior travel experience to join me on one of these exciting destination BUT you DO have to be flexible and willing to try things outside of your comfort zone.

Sooooooo do you want to see my personal bucket list? I have put the top 11 destinations that are currently on my “short-list” together for you to browse, with the tentative years I am toying with visiting them, as well as some of the photos that inspired me to want to travel there in the first place. I have not included the places that I already have booked to visit in 2023 because those are already booked and settled. I have also not included the bucket-list destinations that I would like to visit solo.

So how does it work for you to join me? Well, start by browsing my list first, if any of the destinations peak your interest and you’d like to be considered to join me, then just fill out the inquiry form —> HERE. If I feel you would be a great fit for one of my trips, I will send you an invitation to join me once I select dates for the trip(s) you are interested in. If you’re in, and want to join me, you will put down a deposit to hold your spot. Deposits will vary depending on the destination. So although I won’t be curating a detailed itinerary for each trip, it is still important for me to have a commitment from those who say they are coming so I can make arrangements for our group accordingly. I’ll still be taking care of the foundational details of the trip for us (securing your room, transfers, domestic airfare, etc.) . . . . The deposits are my way of weeding out those who “say” they are coming from those who actually are. In my 12 years of doing this, I have learned that eeeeeveryone “says” they want to come on one of my trips but only a select few actually do. 😉 Also, my MAX group size will be FIVE (5) people per destination, I do want to continue to keep my group sizes small. Once I have 4-5 people joining me on ANY particular trip, I will close it off to everyone else.

If you are you ready to explore unknown destinations and unknown parts of yourself, I invite you to join us! We always arrive as stranger and leave as friends, that beautiful fact is one of my favorite parts of these trips! Listen to FIRST HAND experiences from a few of my past group trippers —-> HERE.

Friendly reminder that there is absolutely NO PRESSURE from me for you to join me. This is my personal bucket list and I am going regardless. I just also want to kindly give people an opportunity to join me in destinations that might be intimidating to navigate/plan alone, with the confidence of knowing they are safe with a VERY experienced traveler. To extend the opportunity to roam our beautiful planet with me and embark on some EPIC adventures. In the style of travel that I I love most . . . Semi-spontaneous!

So can you come? The answer is most definitely, YES! Come with me! The more appropriate question is . . . “WILL you come?” Chances are we are going somewhere that you would likely not be able to easily navigate on your own, unless you are already a seasoned traveler yourself OR are planning on hiring someone to help you plan the trip. Which by the way, as I mentioned above, I do that too. 😉 Check out my travel planning services —-> HERE.

Don’t wait for “a special occasion” to travel, being alive IS the special occasion! I had an epiphany late this year (2022) that reminded me that tomorrow is not promised. That being said, bucket-list is OFF HOLD! 🙂 The time is now! I know that none of us want to look back at our lives one day and wish we had said yes to experiencing more of this gift of life we had been given. We were not born to pay bills and then die!

We truly live in a World Worth Wandering. Lets go . . . 💛

If you have filled out the inquiry form and you have not heard back from me within 1 week, it could be that I am traveling and out of service. Be patient, you will hear back from me.

Click —-> HERE to browse my final Mystery Destination Trips, a couple of them still have spaces available! The spots go fast, so if one is calling your name, don’t sleep on it. I launched my two 2024 trips just last week and now I already only have 2 spots left on one of them.

I hope our paths cross one day on one of my upcoming adventures!!! Stay safe out there and KEEP WANDERING! 🫶🏽

PS – Head over to my Instagram, @WORLDWORTHWANDERING and watch my “BucketListTrips” saved highlight stories to learn even more.🌏